How does Santa do it?

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Second grade students at Spirit Lake Elementary were asked how Santa travels around the world on Christmas Eve and how he can visit so many houses in one night. Students in Alyssa Naatjes' class, Lucas Doxtad's class, Emily Johnson's class and Anne Maris' class had a variety of creative theories to share. Here are their answers:

Mrs. Naatjes's class

Santa's reindeer pulls the sleigh for him. They have magic. — Reese

He goes really fast! He goes to a house to get cookies and milk. That gives him energy to fly from house to house. — Josie

He takes a ride on the Energy Bus. Then he go down the chimney. He brings the presents in the house. Then he goes to other houses now! — Tram

Santa rides his sleigh and his reindeer really fast at night. — Aiden

Santa is in a hurry he saddles up his reindeer and out he goes to eat all of the cookies and drink the milk. he delivers all of the presents and he does it all in one night. — Rosie

First he check his naughty and nice list. Then he finds his sleigh and reindeer. He hurries from house to house and eats the cookies and milk. that helps him go fast. Merry Christmas! — Brayden

He rides his sleigh. Which is pulled by reindeer that are very magical and strong. — Ben

Santa turns into coal dust at every street and then he gets back in his sleigh. He takes the cookies to the sleigh. — Jackson

There's two halves of the world. So he visits one half so that gives him more time to visit both halves. — Blake

He check his list twice so he knows where to go with his sleigh. And reindeer so he can to every house. — Silas

He rides rollercoasters around the world. — Emily

His reindeer carry him to house to house as fast as they can. He eats the cookies and drinks the milk. Then he goes to the next house. merry christmas. — Paige

He has reindeer that pull his sleigh for him! He eats cookies! — Madison

Santa brings the toys on the sleigh. He has reindeer that are magical. — Bethany

He rides in a helicoptr and jumps out of it and pulls a parachute. — Malachi

Santa goes to a shop to get magic dust and go back to his house and put it on his reindeer! The reindeer can fly to the house. So they get it to every house and he gets all of it done. — April

Santa goes fast on his sleigh. he goes dawn the chimney fast. He is very quiet and sneaky. Santa is very magical. Santa is very fast around the world. — Blake

He goes on a sleigh with reindeer then he goes in to a chimney. He delivers presents to children. He has 120 hours to get to children's houses and win the sun goes up, he goes home. and he has reindeer to lead him and he eats cookies all night. Santa is very magical. — Ava

Santa has magic reindeer that pull his sleigh really fast. — Mason

Your Elf watches overnight so when it's Christmas Santa and his reindeer named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph go house to house. — Miles

He gets his sleigh and reindeer out. Then he puts his sleigh on high mode to go super fast. Then he goes to shove the present gently down the chimniy. — Taryn

Santa rides a sleigh. He goes really really fast around the world. — Molly

He has Christmas magic. Santa has a sleigh and he has flying reindeer. He is really quiet. — Natalie

Because his reindeer are speedy! And he chucks the presents down the chimney. He does it nice and fast! — Harper

he rides his reindeer and sleigh to house to house every night with his elves. — Landon

Mr. Doxtad's class

Santa clause uses a button to get around the world in one night. His reindeer help him fly. Merry Christmas! — Finnegan

Santa can visit so many houses all in one night because his reindeer are so fast and Santa only brings you one present. So Santa can visit all the houses! Happy holidays and a Happy New Year! — Veda

His reindeer and magic to! His rein deer fly so high and go so fast! He goes through the chimneys with magic…Whoosh! So fast…Whoosh! He's out Back in the sleigh. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas boys and girls. — Mavis

Santa's reindeer are fast and Santa get's refills at each state. Santa go's quick. Santa go's through chimney's fastly and quietly. — Wade

The elves help Santa deliver the presents. — Maizen

He has fire jets on his sleigh and planes and reindeer and elves. Also some of Santa's magic and some of the breeze! Merry Christmas. — Karsen

I think his Reindeer because they can Fly and go really Fast they can go 100 miles per hour That is why. — Evelyn

Santa Claus has magical reindeer and they are very fast through the snow. That is how they do it. — Taten

Santa put magic in his reindeer to help them to fly and make them go fast! — Damian

He uses his Magic to set everything pretty nice and then move to the other house? — Abigail

I think its because Santas sleigh is going about 50,000 miles per Hour! and its Magic — Henrik

He goes from town to town or one night in one town to another. — Brantley

His hat is magic. It makes him fly from rooftop to rooftop. Happy Holidays! — Kennedy

Christmas magic to be cwik. A Christmas store or northern lights. A magic tree. Watch for light or the chimney. or the elf on the shelf. Santa Claus goes from house to house. — Savannah

I think Santa does put his reindeer on his sleigh and the toys and him so he can fly and go to every house. — Kirby

The reindeer help Santa fly and get to everyone's house to give them presents. — Tayden

I think Santa keeps feeding his reindeer carrots alot. — Keilana

Santa gives special glitter powder to all the reindeer two days before Christmas! on Christmas eve, the magic in the powder makes it so all the reindeer fly 10x's faster, to make it possible for Santa to deliver all the toys and treats, all in one night. — Elora

I think it's because all the children get all happy inside on Chrismas Eve. They bring so much magic to Santa's reindeer, and becuse of that Santa's sleigh goes faster! and faster! and FASTER! without one present dropping and that's how I think Christmas Magic Runs. Merry Chistmas! — Etta

I think Santa can because his hat is Magical. So with a touch of his nose he can go into the houses and deliver the presents lightning fast! Happy Christmas. — Max

He uses his sleigh and reindeer because they can fly around the world fast, so he can go to Iowa, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska! — Tate

He is magical with Reindeer that are also magical. And more than 1 Reindeer. The sleigh is also 1 of the things that helps him. And the sleigh has magic too. That helps also. Merry Christmas! — Brooke

He has a magic hat! He also has reindeer! and his sleigh! Happy Holidays! — Anthony

Because he has a superfast sleigh and reindeer! — Leo

He uses his reindeer as a steering wheel like a car, but not a car. They fly fast in the air. Then he goes down the chimney of all the houses and delivers the presents. then he goes, "HO, HO, HO! Merry Christmas to all!" — Calypso

Ms. Johnson's class

Because Mrs. Claus makes special reindeer food with a lot of glitter! And Santa claus puts jets on the back of the sleigh so it can go all around the world in one night. And he puts a telliporter on his sleigh because I saw it on Christmas Chronicles The Christmas Movie. And he buys good gluten free granola bars to give him a turbo boost! And he has elfs like Buddy The Elf. And the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! — Clara

Santa gets around the world by eating all those cookies. They make him filled with the christmas spirit! With out all of the cookies Santa wouldn't be able to press the magic button to turn on the sleigh. And all that christmas spirit makes the reindeer fly. — Josie.

Ruldolph's nose is bright to guide the sleigh, it can also help the sleigh go fast and go around the world! — Annie

He got Christmas Spirit from all the kids that are sleeping that believe in Santa. And giving the reindeer carrots. And when he goes through the chimney. He finds cobwebs. After he is out of the chimney he eats the cookies and drinks the milk. And that is it. — Elizabeth

All the Joy gives the reindeer magic. Santa is coming to iowa. If you were good you would get presents. The reindeer get power by eating carrots. — Lakyn

Santa has reindeer magic bells. he has a magic ball in his sleigh to go around the world. — Jace

He puts rockets on his sleigh. Then he jumps out of his sleigh and goes in houses and gives presents and takes gas for his sleigh. he puts carrot feeder on the reindeers head. — Jericho

He feeds His reindeer carrots all the time. He also eats all the cookies to get energy to drive the sleigh through the hight. — Maddox

Santa travels by reindeer and magic. All of the christmas joy goes to the reindeer so they can fly. Also if Santa loses his hat he loses his magic. — Jessa

When he does kind and nice things to girls and boys, Santa gets his magic to travel around the world. — Lauren

Maybe his hat makes him turn into ash? And when he is in the home he turns back into a person! — Keelan

All the Joy goes to the reindeer and then the Joy turns into magic. Then they can fly to the houses all over the world. — Emery

His sled is maybe powered on cookies and thats how he gets all over the world in one night. All the Christmas Joy in the world might help him get around the world in one night — Cooper

Santa has a magical hat to help him go from roof to roof. His reindeer make him go reaally fast — Nolan

Santa is going to Iowa. he has a big bag of presents so that means a lot of people are on the nice list. All of the joy makes the reindeer fly. — Penelope

The magic stap on the sleigh makes the reindeer fly. The hat on Santa is magic. — Justin

He feeds his reindeer's candycanes so they can fly and his hat helps him go faster so he can get to each and every house. — Sydney

Because rudolph has a magic nose. and cookies make him go fast. and Santa telports to every home. — Makenna

he has fast reindeer to help him. That's not all, he also uses his hat to fly by the cities. — Ian

St. Nick would ask for help from Sonic to get Christmas Spirit up to 100. Sonic and Santa must stop the mean ones AKA Eggman. — Daijon

Mrs. Marris' class

Santa flys high up and reads the tag and then he telports the present and the milk and cookies comes to him in the sleigh. — Quinton

He uses Christmas Spirit to get around the world. he uses the elves to help him so he doesn't have to go in the house to deliver the presents — Kasey

He has a portal that can take him to what country he wants to go to and the way he gets the portal is he has a globe and he presses the country that he wants to go to. — Violet

His reindeer have amazing powers. they are fast too. They are strong too. — Zainey

He has a special hat that has a special power in his hat so then he can go in and out really Fast. The reindeer go really fast because they can special jingle bells that wrap around their neck. — Jase

Santa probably has a globe that has portals and he can tell his reindeer what state to go to through the portal. — Aralyse

Mrs. Clause tells the elves to make a super potion. That makes the reindeer super fast, strong and smart. Santa guides the reindeer with candy canes. — Graham

Santa puts portals at the top of People's houses and at the last house he jumps through the portal and Lands in a different country. — Ethan

Mrs. Clause make's special cookie's for the reindeer so they fly fast through the sky. They never get tired or Santa has a grappling hook to quickly hook onto the chimney so the reindeer don't have to land on the roof. — Leahwitske

He uses special dust on his reindeer and then they can fly around the entire world. He puts special food on the reindeer. Santa uses his sleigh to carry his presents. — Lily

He uses reindeer and the reindeer have magic. The magic helps them fly. — Jesus

Santa uses fast magic to make the reindeer go faster around the world. He uses his Elves so that he doesn't have to walk in every house in the world. — Alex

Santa puts magic on his reindeer that makes them fly. His reindeer go fast. — Destyn

Santa uses candy canes to lift the reindeer and then he uses the rope to make them go into the night and then he go around the world. — Jaina

He uses maggic to make the reindeer fly. I think that he uses his maggic around the world to deliver the presents. and he tiptoes in a house so no one hears him. He east cookies quietly so nobody sees him. He goes up the chimmney Also he goes to every house in town. — Kenzie

Santa uses quickness potion on his reindeer so he gets to every house in 1 second. — Jaxon

Santa uses a magic rope to get the reindeer out of the stable. Then Miss Claus makes a potion with flying dust, speed dust, and portal potion. Then she gives it to the reindeer. The elves make golden hearts in the bells before Santa taeks off. — Kanae

The reindeer balance the gifts on the horns. Then they drop the gifts in the chimney When he finishes, the kids around the world wake up and they run down the stairs and they see the presents! — Brynn

he can fly with a reindeer. The elves help with Presents for Santa to give to people Rudolph guides the way in the dark. — Emery

Magic is what I say but you might have sumthing else in mind like the power of Christmas Spirit powers up his sleigh. — Liam

He uses Christmas magic to fly. Christmas magic is made of love. his reindeer use the magic from the sleigh to fly. — Maxwell

It's not that Santa's doing anything — It's actually us doing it. The sleigh goes faster When there's more Christmas Spirit around the world. — Michaela

his reindeer have special magical powers. The powers help the reindeer fly swiftly. Santa snapping the reins helps them go faster. — Cash

Santa has a button on his sleigh that makes him go super speed and his reindeer are mogical. — Zoe

I think he is really fast. he uses his reindeer that are powered by Christmas Spirit. — Ella

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