Santa's Stuck

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Recently, second-grade students at Okoboji Elementary had a chance to read "Santa's Stuck," a children's book by Rhonda Gowler Greene and Henry Cole. Their teachers, Jennifer Bouse, Brenda Martin, Jenni Cunningham and Beth McCabe, then asked the second-grade students how they would dislodge jolly old Saint Nicholas from a chimney. Here are their answers:

Mrs. Bouse's class

Illustration by Seth Boyes

On Christmas Eve Santa got stuck in my chimney. I hooked a rope on his foot and polled with the 4 wheeler. Then I had to break the chimney with an ax. Santa was safe and got out. Santa gave me all of my presents I asked for! Calvin

One fine Christmas Eve Santa got stuck in my chimney! When I heard Santa yelling, "Help!" I got out of bed and I ran quietly to the storage room to get a broom and a ladder. I ran outside and used the ladder to get on the roof. I put the ladder down the chimney and I climbed down the ladder. i brought the broom down with me and I used the handle of the broom to push him down. That didn't work. Next, I got my dog and asked my dog to use his teeth to pull him out. We almost got Santa out, but we didn't. then, I dug out my dead fish Cuddles and put the dead fish on his head and hoped he would get so scared that he would jump out. I tried it. He did do the jumping part, but he was one foot away. then, I went to the pet shop and I bought a garter snake. I really hoped this would work. It was three hours until morning. I hurried to my house with the snake. I went to the roof and put the snake on his head. To my surprise it worked! Santa had enough time to deliver the presents. The end. Eric

I helped Santa at night when he got stuck in my chimney. I pushed him through my chimney. First I jumped on him until he got out. Then, I grabbed his legs. Finally, Christmas Day goes on. Cooper

On the house I heard a squeak. It was Santa. First, Simon, Cora, and Harley, my cats are sleeping on the bed. They got up and climbed up the house to go down the chimney. Next, we jumped on Santa fell down. Last, he got unstuck. Santa delivered all the presents to the kids. Emi

Friday night December 24 Santa was stuek in my chimney. Mom helped me get Santa out. We pulled his legs down It didn't work. Then we hooked a rope up on Santa's leg. He got out and delivered more presents. Addysen

At 3:00 AM Santa got stuck in my chimney. Ty climbed on the roof and pushed him down it didn't work. So we called a tow truck. We used the hook and hooked it to his pants. His pants fell off and we caught him. It worked! Kaleb

Santa got stuck in my chimney. I told my mom that Mr. Santa Claus is stuck in our chimney. I got a rope and I tied it on his foot. Then I got my dog to hold on to the rope. Next my dad and I pulled on the rope really tight. Last but not least Santa was free! Aahana

On the day of Christmas Eve, Santa got stuck in my chimney! How am I supposed to get him out? Oh, I know! I got a spatula from the kitchen, but it would be too loud. So I grabbed my brother and we pushed, but it didn't work. Finally, we got him out. Bella

I'm sleeping and Santa is delivering presents. Then I woke up and I saw Santa stuck in the chimney. I pulled! It did not work. Then my brother woke up and we both pulled and it worked! Kasch

At my house Santa's stuck at night. I got a broom and pushed him down. I had to kep pushing him down. I got Santa out from the chimney. "Thank you Miss Molli!" Santa said. Molli

At 5:00 in the night I heard a noise. Santa was stuck in my chimney. First I would get a broom and push him down. Next, I would pull his legs down Last it worked! Mason

On Christmas Eve while delivering presents Santa got stuck in my chimney. Reindeer pulled his legs, the elf and I pulled his legs. The elf and I climbed on the roof. The reindeer climed on the roof and jumped, pulled, and pushed. Then the elf put oil and Santa is saved. He can deliver presents! Olivia

It's Christmas Eve. We were the last house that Santa was going to. I woke up and Santa was stuck! First I woke up my dada. I said, "Dad you pull his legs and I will push him. "Then, that did not work. Next, my dad called a builder. Last, the builder used a crane to pull him out. He got out of the chimney. Finally since we are the last house he gave us all the presents in the bag! Keegan

On December 24th Santa was delivering presents to every one. Then he got stuck in my chimney. Then I heard a boom. I woke up and said "Santa!" I went to my chimney. I saw Santa and asked, "Why are you in my chimney?" I got stuck in your chimney," he said. I got a ladder to get him out. I jumped on his head. I guess that hurts. "I'm sorry," I said. "It's ok!" said Santa. It worked Yah! Woo hoo! Chandler

Friday night at 12:11 on Christmas Eve, Elsie, Quinn, and Eli were spending the night. Elsi heard Santa get stuck. "Quinn, Ro, Olive, and Eli!" shouted Elsie. "What?" they answered. "Santa's stuck!" said Elsie. "Lets go!" the kids said. First, we got a rope and pulled Then, we put pillows on the floor and got the present and put them on his head and jumped on his head! And we saved him! Ro

It was Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas we were all in bed, but I heard a thump sound. It was Santa! He was stuck in my chimney. First, I got a net to pull him out, but that did not work. Next, the post man was going by so I asked him for envelopes so I could make a paper giant to pull him out. Finally, we got him out. Then since I helped him he gave me an extra present. I was 10,000 dollars to buy a motor bike. Sydney

On Christmas Eve I was reading a book and I heard a noise. I crept down the stairs and Santa was stuck in the chimney! I got my snow stuff on and got a ladder to get on the roof. I tried to push Santa, but it did not work. So I jumped in the chimney and I jumped on him the hardest I could! He came unstuck! Scarlett

On Christmas Eve I head a noise so I went downstairs and i saw Santa in my chimney! First, I would pull his legs down but it didn't work! So I climbed up and I rode Santa's reindeer. The deer's horn would connect to Santa's shirt and it worked! The end. Jayce

It was 3:00 at night First, I heard a noise on my roof. My dog started barking so I went up on my roof and it was Santa. I got a broom and tried to push him out, but that did not work. I tried jumping on him, but that did not work. I got my dog to bite his leg and put butter on him. Finally I got him out of the chimney! Zach

One Christmas Eve Santa was stuck in my chimney at my house. So I got a broom and pushed. It didn't work. Next, I took the chimney apart. I got him out. Then he left. It was a long night! Jasper

Mrs. Martin's class

Illustration by Seth Boyes

Santa was Stuck in my chimney! The dog tried to help Santa get up the chimney. The reindeer tried to help Santa get up the chimney. The mouse helped and they did it, but then Santa got stuck again! Then I tried butter, but it did not work. I tried pulling him, and it worked! Olivia

I will tell you a time Santa was stuck in my chimney! First, I got up to get a glass of woter and I saw Santa. "Santa I will help you," I said. He is stuck in the Chimney! I tried and tried and tried. He did not come out. In a hot minute he was out of the chimney! I got to bed and went to sleep. Letty

Santa puts the presents down. He saw some cookies. He saw some cupcakes and a button popped. That's when i woke up. I went down stairs. I saw Santa. He tried to go up the chimney. He got stuck. The reindeer pulled up. The elves pushed. I pushed. He flew. We all flew. Owen

Do you want to hear Santa was stuk in my chimney? I will share it to you. Sophia tugged and tugged Santa and pulled and pulled She could not get him out One more pulled and I got him out of Sophia Roberts' chimney. Sophia

First I was heading down stairs. But then I saw Santa in my chimney. So I tried to push him from the side. But that didn't work. So I tried to put soap on him, but that didn't work. So then I tried to tie a rope to him and then I pulled. It worked and Santa got out! Raya

I saw Santa at home. First he was stuck. I'm going to try oil. Then it didn't work. I'm going to try soap. next it did not work. Oh! I know, push him! Oh! Yes yes yes! I got him out! Zayla

One time on Christmas eve I was getting a glass of water, and Santa was stuck in my chimney! First to get him out I went and got some oil, but we were out! Then my brother and I got some peanut butter but we were all out of that. Next I got some soap and a crowbar and put some soap on the crow bar and got Santa out! Wyatt

do you want to hear the story about Santa getting stuck? One night I went down stairs to see if Santa came. When I got down stairs I saw the Grinch and Santa in our chimney! I was so confused! the Grinch looked at me. I stopped. I could not do anything aboout Santa. Then the Grinch left. i tried to tug on Santa's legs. i got him a little bit, but then Santa fell out. He thought I put him in there. "Please Santa"! Santa declared, "You definitely put me in there!" "But you don't have proof," I said. "True, so please for give me," said Santa. I said, "Fine but did I hurt you?" "No hey your a nice little girl!" said Santa. Bristol

I walked down stairs and what did I see? Santa in my chimney! He had to deliver the Christmas present to all of the kids in the world. Then it might sound weird but I got help from the Grinch. We both tugged and tugged on his sack. next he finally slipped out of my chimney and ate all of my cookies and milk. I won't forget it! Jerrielle

Do you want to know about when Santa got stuck in my chimney? It was the night before Christmas. I woke up to see the stars and SANTA WAS STUCK in my CHIMNEY!!!! I went and got Daisy and peanut butter. Then I tied a rope on to Santa. I put peanut butter on my shoes, so I was quiet. I grabbed Daisy, and I pulled and pulled!! Finally Santa fell out of the chimney. I saved Christmas!!! Aria

How I helped Santa be free from my chimney. I tried to trap Santa in my trap. It almost worked. His magic freed him and then he got stuck in my chimney. I didn't know what to do. An Elf came out from Santa's bag. I asked if he could help me, and he did so we got Santa out of my chimney. Cash

I went to get a glass of milk. My dog was barking Santa was stuck in my chimney?? I got a cane and vegetable oil to push him. You are on the nice list! You helped Santa! What would you like for Christmas? Jenna

On Christmas eve Santa was stuck in my chimney. i was so worried about him. I got soup and ice and a plunger. Then Cindy Lou Hoo and the Grinch came by to help. Next we pushed and tugged, pushed and tugged. Then we got Santa out! He said, "Thank you!" Lennon

I was getting a drink. Then I heard a Ho Ho Ho. Then I went to the roof. I saw Santa is stuck. I saw mom and I asked her to help me get Santa out before the Grinch stops Christmas. We got Santa out of the Chimney. Jaxon

I saw Santa stuck. in my chimney I said, "Santa who would do this? the Grinch. My dad woke up. Go to bed! my Dad said. But look Santa's stuck. I went on the roof and told Rudolph to bring Santa's sleigh down here. We tied a rope to Santa and his sleigh, and we tugged. We got him out! We saved Christmas! Here's your cookies Santa! "Do you want to ride with me?," he asked. Yes! Camden

Santa and he reindeer landed on the roof. Santa got stuck in the chimney. Then the dog found Santa stuck in the chimney. the dog tied the rope to his leg. Next the dog pulled the rope and Santa popped out. Austin

Santa's Stuck I was in bed. I was thirsty I got some water. then I saw Santa in my Chimney. Then I woke up my family and told them that Santa as in our Chimney. They got up and ran to the livingroom. We tugged on Santa and we got him out. Nick

I woke up to get a drink, and I saw santa in my chinmey! I got oil to get him out but it didn't get him out. I used soap. It got him out. Santa went off to gather other people's presents. He said to me, "To all a good night!" Sterling

I was going to open presents as soon I found Santa stuck in my chimney. First I got some soap and lots of it! Next I got a ladder and climbed up on the roof. Then I poured the soap down the chimney. It worked! Bryson

On Christmas Eve, I woke and found Santa stuck in my chimney. I noticed my dog Lalaboo just sleeping on my couch. Lalabook barked at Santa. First, I rubbed soap around Santa didn't budge. then, I got butter and smeared it on and he got out! Brodi

Mrs. Cunningham's class

Illustration by Seth Boyes

Santa is stuck with Rudolph and the elf. "Today is Christmas" I shouted. My elf got a note book. We started to write to day is Christmas Eve so I looked at the elves note. I snuggled in my bed again. The next day was Christmas. So I woke up and went to the living room. Santa was there. I thought he was going to put me on the naughty list. But he was stuck in the tree. I started to help but Rudolph got stuck. My elf started to help but the elf got stuck so I tried to help but they are heavy. My mom came and helped me. We were going to get stuck but my dad came. i helped Santa and Rudolph and the elf so santa gave me my presents. The End. Sherlyn

Once upon a time there was a girl named Izzy. On Chismas, Santa woke her up and she went down stairs. She didn't see him but then she looked in the chimney. She saw Santa was stuck. First, she saw an elf. He was pushing Santa down the chimney. then the Elf said "come help." "Me"? I said "I can't fly". Next the Elf sprinkled some stuf on me to make me fly. After that, I came on the chimney and an Elf dog came to help too. we all pushed. And Santa got out of the chimney. Last, before he went he said, "Do you want to deliver presents with me"? I said, "yes"! The End Izzy

The Christmas Day Santa is stuck! I saw Santa in my chmney and the elf got up and ran Santa. I went up to get Santa and then I realized that he is a little big for my chmney. Then, I realized I was making noise. then my dog Lucky hear me. While the elf was running my dog almost ate the elf and I never got t help him! Kyron

Santa gets stuck in a chimney. No luck Santa's stuck. A dog and a cat try to help push but they still can't get him out! No luck Santa's stuck. A mouse helps push them pop Santa's out we saved Christmas! Carter

One Christmas night at the North Pole Santa was checking on his elves. First I appeared but Santa was not there. Santa got stuck in a chimney. So, I had to save him. When I got to the house he was in the chimney. I knew I had to help him or Christmas would be ruined. Then, I went to get the elves. When we got back to the house me and the elves started pushing and pulling. When he was out and when he was done delivering the presents the elves, me, and Santa started celebrating Christmas. The end. Layla

It is winter Santa is stuck in a door. Santa is still stuck! First I grabbed soap then he got out. Then Santa and I went to give presents to the rest of the kids. the End. Jayce

Santa, the Elf and Rudolph It is Christmas at my house and it is snowing. Santa is stck in the chimney. Santa is stck in the Chimney and I put loton no Santa. Santa was stuck in the Chimney and I put loton on Santa and then Chimney He was umstuck! Heavyn

Santa is on his way to the last house of the night! He is sad that it is the last one! :( the evil elf takes Santa's magic suit. It helps him get skinnier when he goes down a chimney! I came with of course! you know why? Because I'm an elf. My name is Mia I'm a girl! I only came with because I help him grab the sacks of presents and toys. Then he got stuck in the chimney! He cries and screams for someone to help get out! Later, I get him out! He just hands me my gifts and he is safe and sound! The End Mia

I was sleeping in my bed. First, I heard Santa foot steps. Next, I heard a big thump. Santa is stuck in my chimney I stomach but it didn't work. I put butter sticks in the chimney. Last he was unstuck Kylee

Once upon a time, on Christmas Eve, Santa gets into his sleigh. The elves latched the reindeer to the sleigh. They started to pull the sleigh and flew off into the night sky. After a few, 100,000 houses, he comes to the 100,001th house and gets stuck in the chimney!! A kid named Xander and his mom named Jessica hear all the racket. They get up and go outside. They look at the roof and saw 2 legs sticking out of the chimney. They got the ladder and a meter stick or 2. next, they climb up on the roof and use the meter stick to push him down through the chimney. Last, they all lived happily ever after. The End Xander

He came to my house on Christmas Eve Santa got stuck because he got too fat. I pushed him out with my muscles. I got him out of the chimney. I saved Christmas day! The end Hadley

It was Christmas Eve and Santa came and got stuck in the chimney. We had to help him out. First, we saw an evil elf and we battled him and we won! Now back to Santa. Me and Rudolph covered him with butter so it would help. Next, me and Rudolph pulled Santa down. he used his magic and he got down. We helped him out of the chimney. Last, we gave him a shower and cookies. The End Aria

Santa went to my home. He got stuck in my chimney! The Elf helped Santa to get out of my chimney. The Elf is strong he broke Santa out of my chimney. The End Kyison

We were at my grandpa's house. Santa gets stuck in a chimney. I see Santa on my roof. I push Santa He comes right out. The End Bodhi

Once upon a time It was snowing. At my house. I was sleeping and my friend were sleeping then santa got stuck in my chimney and the elves too. I called Kypson. Kypson and I pulled and popped. Santa was saved. the end Myles

Santa was delivering presents to my house on Christmas night. i was going to got a drink I saw Santa! but he was leaving! He got in the chimney but he got stuck. I got my bunny Pogo to see Santa. Pogo was curios and I saw Santa's reindeer. I had to help him so I did. I asked Rudolph to use his magic. I saved Santa! Madeline

Once up on a time there was a person named Santa and a reindeer named Rudolph. they were flying to the hot cocoa store. They landed on the roof. first, He got stuck in the chimney Santa got out by Rudolph pushing him with help by the others. Santa said "thank you"! Last, they went in and asked "where is the hot cocoa"? Neveya

One Christmas Eve at my Grandpa's house it was snowing. We were watching a Christmas movie. We heard a noise! Santa Clause was stuck in my chimney. He ate way too many cookies. First we have to help him because his is stuck! Next, my dad pulled Santa out. My dad has big muscles. Last we saved Christmas because we saved Santa and he delivers presents. The end Ryder

It was a snowy Christmas eve night. Santa is coming to night. Santa gets stuck in the chimney. I heard a big thump. It was Santa! He was stuck in the chimney. Then I went to Santa. i said to santa. "are you OK Santa? I will help you up Santa!" Santa said "Ho Ho, Ho, Ho" the reindeer said, "ro ro ro" No Santa do not fall in the chimney. Santa I will help you. Santa and your elves too I helped Santa! Ho, Ho, Ho! Amelia

on Christmas Eve I pot out the cookies and I went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard a noise. I got up and the cookies were still there. i was sad. I heard my mom and dad and I told them. They got the ladder and they put it on the roof. We were looking to see what the noise was coming from. Santa was stuck in our chimmey our dog was coming so I got down and I let him out. End Our dog is a puppy so I was carrying him up. and they were at the chimney and I was wondering what they were doing. they were trying to get santa out over and helped them. I saw Rudolph and my elf so my brother came and he helped me get him but it did not work. My dad came and my mom and our whole family helped and I asked my elf and Rudoph and we all helped and we saved Christmas the End Lucas

It was the middle of the night and Christmas Eve! I heard a loud bang! I went upstairs and I see santa in the chimney! A few minutes later Emily and Abby came upstairs. Now, Toby woke up and started barking he was going to wake up mom and dad! To keep Toby quite and to get Santa out we tied Toby's tug a war toy to Santa's leg and Toby pulled and got him out! Then I let him out the door. The End Olivia

Mrs. McCabe's class

Illustration by Seth Boyes

On Christmas Eve on the roof there was Santa. He was going in the chimney and got stuck. He was trying to get out. Then That woke me up. then i got my Dad's sledgehammer. Then I Broke the chimney. Then he said go to sleep. I gave him a candy cane to Feed it to the reindeer. Then he flew away. He ate the cookies too! Jayason

I was sleeping with my dog. then my dog woke up and started barking. Then I woke up to see what it was. it was Santa stuck in my chimney! So I had to figure out how to get him out? Then I got it! So I got a rope and pulled him with all my might. Pop., santa got out of the chimney and I saved Christmas! Jacob

On a cold night Santa came to town. He got stuck in the chimmey at my house. He was trying and trying but did not get out. Mason and I came and saved Christmas. We got Santa out! Grace

On a cold winter night Santa was on his sleigh and it crashed and he was cold. So he went in but not through the door because it was locked. So he went through the chimney and then he got stuck. But in the chimney there was a hammer and he grabbed it and broke out! James

On Christmas Eve I was sleeping at my nanas and papas house. I heard a sound. I knew it was from the chimney. It was Santa! I needed someone. "Mario," I said. I knew he was my grampas friend. Mario came and jumped on Santa. Santa flew down the chimney! Brian

On Christmas Eve, I heard the reindeer on the roof. Then Santa got stuck in the chimmy. I was up and I went to look in the chimmy. He was there. Next the elf was helping. Then my dog was up. The elf knew what as wrong. Santa at too much cookies. So we pulled him out of the chimmy. Raesa

It was a cold winter day when santa was putting present's in every house. Then I heard santa on my roof. Then santa got stuck in my chimney. I asked my dad and the elf to help me get a ladder and we pushed santa down the chimney. My dad and I and the elf saved santa and christmas. Angel

It was Chrismas Eve. My mom set out cookies and i went to bed. then in the middle of the night I heard a big thump. Every one woke up and Santa was stuck in my chimney. Mom called the firetruck and they used a ladder to get him out. then he drove away on his slegh and said Ho, Ho, Ho! Kirna

Santa was getting reddy to take-off from his work shop and come to my house. Santa just landed on my house. Santa tried to go down the chimney but he got stuck. Then I woke up and tip-toed down stairs. I could not believe my eyes. It was Santa! Santa, "I will help you." Stay there I will get you dow." I got him down. Riley

It was a snowy night when santa was about to take off. he got to my grandma's house and he got stuck in my chimney. My grandma called for me and I came down and she told me santa is stuck in the chimney. We got santa out. I saved Christmas! Willow

It was 12 am at my aunt Melissa's house. santa got stuck in the chimney. The elves tried to get Santa out. Santa got out. He ate a lot more cookies. Addison

I was at mom's house on Christmas eve. Santa was stuck in the chimney and I saw a reindeer. I got a drill and santa got unstuck. We saved Christmas! Akelia

Santa ate a lot of pie. The kitten's the mouse and the dog helped Santa get unstuck from the chimney. Tyler

On Christmas Eve, Santa went down the chimney. He got stuck. Santa was lucky because the Grinch saved him. The Grinch helped and lived happily ever after. Valerie

Santa got stuck in my Chimney on Christmas Eve. I will help him. I am going to pull his feet down the chimney. I help him out of the chimney. Christmas is saved! Mackenzie

On a snowy night I saw Santa. He was stuck in my chimney and I tried to get him out. I got tools and he was getting out. finally he got out. we ate cookies and drank milk. Rowan

I was at Gigi and Papa's. we were getting ready for bed. After a while we were sleeping. then Santa came. he got stuck in the chimney. I heard a bang, Santa got out! Jovie

On Christmas Eve at my grandmas house she had a chimmy. Santa got stuck in my grandmas chimmy. Then I helped Santa. then he got out by me and his Elve's. Mason

On a cold day outside, me, Riley, Cash and Santa were at my house. At 11:00 Santa got stuck in my chimney. We could hear Santa laughing. We helped him get unstuck. Niko

On christmas eve Santa was flying back from a house and he fell in my chimney. he was too fat he shouted heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp. I woke up. I thought it was a smoke alarm. But then I ran to the chimney and I saw something fat blocking the chimney. I got a ldder and climbed up. When I got to the top, I saw his elves and his raindeer. I asked them "Where's Santa?" He's stuck in your chimney. Oh should we help him? Of course but it's going to be hard beucease he is very fat. ok so I went down the ladder to get a hoe. I climbed back I poked him on the head. He came down! Bing Oww!!! Llyeton

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