What I'm thankful for

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Recently, Harris-Lake Park students in Mrs. Taylor Hummel's second grade class had the chance to tell the Dickinson County News what they are thankful for ahead of Thanksgiving. Here are their responses:

I am thankful for my family because they are nice and caring. They love and take care of me. My mom is good at cooking. They love playing games with me! - Henley

I am thankful for my mom becuse I wouldn't be here in the first place. I am thankful for the pepale that servd our contry. - Jaxzen

I am thankful for soldiers. they protect us. they help people. Thank you. - Austin

I am thankful four life i Love life life is fun being a live is fun life is varey fun i m thankful four life. - Aubree

I am my mom and Dad. I live them. They live me. - Gage

I am thankful for food because to live we need foo. A home because we need somewhere to sleep. Parents to Be safe Like Mom and Dad. School because we need to Learn. Water because we really really need water! God is so helpfl he Love us so muth! We need clothes for privacy. money is important for you. - Aaron

I am THANKFUL For A Life, because I don't want to die. Because liveing is fun! My life is awmsome! Because I get to ride rolurcosturs! - Corbin

Im thankful for My brother's, beacause they alway's care for me and we love to play soccer. Me Mateo and Mauricio Miss each other beacause we haven't seen each other in more then 3 month's and my Life is really sad without him. - Mayte

I am thankful for food. because if you had no food you wode diy. Thar is alot of cins. So if You had a alerg thar wud still be itlest 3 foods you wode like. and wen you are hugre food helps you get foll. So I am thankful for food. - Sadie

I am Thankf for my stuft anml namd bustr and I can't slep weth out bustr. he is comfy weth me and under my blnkt too. and he mak me go to slep. I am thankf far bustr. - Jase

I Thankful for miy frens. miy frens are nis. 1 of my freds nam is owen. he is soar Nis. me and him play. I go to his has. yuo are vare nis owen. - Riley

I am thankful for my ginie pig bigie. he cheers me up. We have family night some Times with him. he allways Love when I pet him and snugl him on the cowch. he is silly. I love that his mine for ever I will take care of him for ever. that is whe I'm Thankful for bigie. - Kylee

I am THANKFUL! for my cat he is fune…i fed him evrday…i Giv him wodr evrday…he is my favit of all. - Kash

I am thankful legos because I like to bild. Sometimes i get some on my birthday. i like legos so much. one day i will make Legos. i haf a Lego tebel. - Tayten

I am Thankful for that we have animals because. cut animals are cut and I like turkeys they are silly. - Halle

I am thankful for my firends. because They war kind. because i fell down on the grawnd. They help me up and they war so kind to me. - Aubrey

I am Thankful for mie family. Family is Great. family r wndful. Family r cool! - Blake

I am Thankful for school because Miss Humeel techis us. the thing I like is math. i like math cas we sams we rit stores and my techr wrcs rile hord. - Kamryn

I am Thankful for my dog's nolu ad axol. nolu she is cute and fluffy she has one green ey one Blue ey. that's why I am Thankful! - Brynlee

I am Thankful for my family but my Dad and my Mom is the best Mom and Dad ever. My brother is Min to me and My Mom. My Mom love Me and My brother. - Maddie

I am thankful for my famaly. Becase tay are always ther for me. And thay here far me wen I get hert. And wen Im sick. - Tia

I am thankful for famaly and friend's becuse everyon is beotafl in thar own way :) :) And I am a foff ball. The. End. :) - Arianna

I am thankful for my mom and Dad because they raised me frum a Baby and they gevd me food I luve my mom and Dad and they luve me to. - Jack

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