Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor,

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

While attending several musical events in South Dakota at both high school and college levels, I became aware that we in Iowa are much in omission.

Of course, we stand for the playing and/or singing of our national anthem at all high school sporting events, but never at fine arts performances.

When I mentioned this lack of patriotism to a friend employed by a Minnesota school district, I learned that Minnesota follows the South Dakota example of patriotism.

I firmly believe that at least 90 percent of us are as patriotic while participating or watching fine arts performances (whether musical, drama, debate, speech etc.) as we are at a ball game.

I think we need to follow the example of our neighboring states and start playing the national anthem at all activities and not just sports. Does each school district have to take action or does the state fine arts division need to take get on the ball and make this right?

Let's all join together to express our patriotism all the time not just part of the time.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Welle

Resident of the Okoboji School District