Letter to the Editor

A response to Ernst's claims

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Dear Editor,

Shame on Sen. Ernst for characterizing non-Americans as dangerous, violent, murderous, rapists, drug dealers and sexual predators in her recent “Every state is now a border state” editorial. Such allegations are baseless, xenophobic and contrary to the facts.

First, she alleges there are no protocols in place to prevent criminals entering the U.S. when in fact the Immigration and Nationality Act outlines crimes for inadmissibility.

Second, there is no evidence undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers are more likely than the general population to commit a crime. In fact, the contrary may be true. According to a 2020 study published by the National Academy of Science of the United States that examined data gathered from the Texas Department of Public Safety — which checks and records the immigration status of all arrestees in the state — researchers found considerably lower felony arrest rates among undocumented immigrants compared to legal immigrants and native-born U.S. citizens and found no evidence that undocumented criminality has increased in recent years.

It is time we recognize and celebrate the many ways immigrants contribute to our work force and society.


Jane Shuttleworth


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