Letter to the Editor

Community continues to support Hinderman's cause

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

This summer, in July and August, two events were held to raise money for the Oaxaca Street Children’s School in Oaxaca, Mexico. Cliff Hinderman, who was a beloved Spanish teacher at Spirit Lake High School for years, held a garage sale every summer at Grace Lutheran Church to benefit his school in Mexico.  Members of the church and friends donated items throughout the year and also worked the sale.  

Cliff was also going to run an estate sale for the late Fred Dowden. Fred’s daughter Robin planned to donate all the proceeds to Cliff’s school charity.

When Cliff passed away suddenly, everyone from the church and other past participants stepped in and again carried out a very successful garage sale. Friends joined in and ran the estate sale too. Money also came in from Cliff’s memorial. The Class of ‘71 in Spirit Lake and Robin provided additional money as well.

We want to thank Robin Dowden, Grace Lutheran Church and all the workers who donated their time, things to sell as well as those who shopped both events. We think Cliff would be thrilled that his “kids’ school” will receive around $22,000 as a result of all the hard work.


Kim Stroud, Spirit Lake

Martha Cozen, Spirit Lake

Pat Palmberg, Spirit Lake

Linda Dues, Spirit Lake