Letter to the Editor

Local blood drive a disappointment

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

To the editor,

The Red Cross Blood Drive on Aug. 16, 2021 was a disappointment. We only had a total of 25 units the entire afternoon. We had very few appointments and of those we had seven no shows. We are again able to accommodate walk-ins but it is much better to make an appointment as we take those with appointments first.

We did have 22 presenting donors with a total of 25 units and four double reds for a total of 25 units. We had no deferrals and were able to accommodate four walk-ins. Blood is so badly needed and certainly hope we can do better on Oct. 18.

On behalf of the American Red Cross, I wish to express my deep appreciation and say “Thank You” to all the volunteers and donors. Those volunteering were, Cheryl Petersen, Gloria Ditwsorth, Grace Gerdes, Judy Jensen and Leah Streeter. I am so thankful for the donors as well as all the volunteers who so graciously give of their time willingly.

Our blood banks are dangerously low and because we cannot manufacture blood, it is so important to do what we can to increase our supply. Another benefit is when you are a donor, you are tested for Covid 19 antibodies.

You all made a difference in someone’s life and your generosity is most appreciated by those needing transfusions in trauma situations and for on-going treatment of chronic life-threatening illnesses.

Mark your calendar for Oct. 18, 2021. Let’s all pull together and make the October drive much more successful.

Karen Dokken

Local blood drive chairman

American Red Cross