Letter to the Editor

History records Trumpís accomplishments

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

I found some interesting historical events today on the internet.

Donald Trump was the:

First president in 28 years not to serve a second term.

First president in 45 years not to release his tax returns.

First president in 89 years to lose the House, Senate and presidency in a single term.

First president in 102 years to allow more than 500,000 to die in a single virus outbreak.

First president in 129 years to lose the popular vote twice.

First president in 152 years to boycott his successorís inauguration.

First president to fail to hit 50 percent approval rating during his tenure.

First president to accuse his predecessor of not being American.

First president to be impeached twice.

First president to be elected with the help of a foreign power.

First president to have a member of his own party vote for his impeachment.

First president to refuse to concede defeat.

First president to fail to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

First president to actively incite a terrorist attack on his government.

Yet to come are indictments for sedition against our country, bank and tax fraud, numerous rapes, lawsuits for refusing to pay his bills and uncounted others.

Wow, what a history.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake