Letter to the Editor

Thoughts on COVID

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Inspiration found on the internet from a Lutheran Pastor.

One of the most dangerous ideas that has come about in the last three years is that all points of view are equally valid and that Average Citizen (you) are just as equipped to judge which has merit as anyone else.

“Hear all sides and judge for yourself.” No, I do not condone the death of expertise, and neither should you.

I am an expert in very few things. But in those areas, my expertise is hard-earned through study, work, experience and aptitude. None of it comes from Google University. But unless you are an expert in exactly the same areas, your opinion is just not as valid as mine. It’s not.

And my opinion is not as valid as experts in other fields. That is why they are experts. So if our leading epidemiologists largely agree that A is correct and a couple of discredited doctors make a video that says B is correct, our response should not be “I’ll listen to both and decide which makes sense to me.” Confirmation bias exists, and only fools think they are free of it. To paraphrase Asimov, ‘your ignorance is not the same as their experience.’ Genuinely smart people look for answers from people who are smarter than themselves. Only ignorant people believe their guess is as good as anyone else’s.

Something to think about.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake