Letter to the Editor

Reading comprehension at stake

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Last week’s edition of the Dickinson News included three letters to the editor with politically opposing views. I would like to respond to the last of the letters authored by Robert Sneitzer. He thought my letter stated that differing opinions were not allowed. I am not opposed to differing opinions. They are the bedrock of our American democracy. A careful reading of my LTE will also show that I was not being rude. If there was any rudeness involved it was from the quoting of Terry Yarns statements in his June 8 letter to the editor.

In my letter I stated that voters in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota voted for President Trump. I then added voters in liberal New York and California would find Yarns' viewpoint more acceptable. I included a statement that Yarns might be able to make some money by returning U-Haul trailers to those states, since so many voters had left for Florida and Texas.

I also offered an opinion that a liberal bias can be found the national news media and the tech giants. A careful review of their actions will demonstrate that point. I went on to state that many well-meaning Americans question the validity of the 2020 Presidential election. Unfortunately, we will probably never know the fairness of the 2020 election since so many Democratic lawyers are stubbornly fighting an investigation of 2020 election integrity.

Phil Petersen