Letter to the Editor

Helping one another

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Living in the Iowa Great Lakes surprises many newcomers. The old timers like myself recognize and greatly appreciate how the locals respond to the needs of others. I can attest to our trademark lifestyle.

A time has come in my 55—year-plus life living here in the Lakes Area where circumstances put my friends to the test. It all began 50 days ago when I had to visit our hospital emergency room. The diagnosis was sobering. My health conditions were severe. I was advised to sell my recently purchased home and relocate to Iowa City for access to more extensive medical services.

Timing was critical.

Not the least of my problems was downing my accumulated treasures and scheduling a complicated move. From past moving experience, I turned to my trusted friend Dick Scott at Scott Transfer. Dick had worked many miracles for me in the past, including a very complex move for the county when I served as a county supervisor and we were building a new courthouse.

Dick is a no nonsense, can-do type of guy. Having been in the moving business for more than 60 years, he consistently solved complex moving problems and demonstrated his professionalism on time and at very reasonable rates. Dick answered my call for help. He engineered my move to Iowa City in remarkably short time and at personal inconvenience. The move went smoothly, and not a single item was damaged. His timetable was a demonstration of how people here in the Lakes Area respond to a challenge and perform a highly professional service.

We are very fortunate to have Dick Scott available to answer our call for help. He is a proven professional.

God bless,

Paul C. Johnson