Letter to the Editor

I disagree with Shuttleworth's letter

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This “Letter to the Editor” is in response to Jane Shuttleworth’s letter to the editor dated April 18, 2021, regarding refugees coming to this country during Robert Ray’s term as governor and Kim Reynold’s term. Ms. Shuttleworth was very favorable toward Gov. Ray and quite critical of Gov. Reynolds. This comparison was not accurate as the circumstances of the refugees was totally different, which she did not address. By leaving these details unaddressed she implied they were similar.

This was a very serious omission.

During the Ray administration, the refugees were coming from southeast Asia, primarily Vietnam. When they left Vietnam, they went to the resettlement camps in Malaysia where they were vetted before they came to us, including a physical. This was under the supervision of the United Nations. Before they left Malaysia, arrangements were finalized with either a sponsoring organization (adults) or a foster care home (teenagers). These organizations assisted with finding housing, jobs and assisting with assimilation into our culture. The foster care families treated the refugees as other foster care children. All were legal immigrants.

Compare this to the chaos of the refugees arriving from Central and South America. There is essentially no organized process, and most are illegal and have not been vetted, including health physicals. I know how the Vietnamese process was designed as my home was a licensed foster care provider. Thanh, the 15-year-old Vietnamese boy placed with us, lived in our home for 4.5 years. He now is a self-employed entrepreneur residing in Houston, Texas.

In my opinion, both Gov. Ray and Gov. Reynolds were correct in their decisions.

Joe Simington