Letter to the Editor

An inept party of flawed leadership

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The recent John Boehner book sadly demonstrates the ongoing Republican Party ineptness which he rightfully attributes to the Newt Gingrich party ascendance. Gingrich’s philosophy of burning the house down through “weaponized ethics” and “abandoning bipartisanship and civility to obtain power” has guided Republicans to obstruct any meaningful legislation for decades except for tax cuts. Boehner bemoans he could not get any action for immigration, infrastructure or other issues, even though many in his party supported such, due to Tea Party influence in his caucus. His obvious solution was to call in the minority party, work out compromises and pass bills — in essence show leadership. However, he chose to accede to the “noise, not policy makers” in order to maintain his party status, control and power versus standing up for the country’s best interests. Boehner goes on to criticize Trump, the Capitol insurrection, Cruz, the Tea Party, etal, but he voted for Trump who ran on no legislative platform or historical party principles. Why wait until after the election to publish his thoughts? Probably for the same reason John Bolton chose to not publish his book prior to or be a witness in the Trump impeachment trial. Both placed personal enrichment over standing up for our American constitutional Democracy. Both should be recognized only as money-grubbing cowards. The Republican Party has evolved to cult-status with pseudo leaders or wannabe presidential candidates like Cruz, Hawley, Cotton, McCarthy, Pompeo, Scott or Haley who will bow down or out if Trump decides to run again — a party devoid of principles, ideas or purpose except for retaining power. Thus, we will experience a legislative quagmire over the next two years punctuated by Republican tag lines “green new deal,” “far left agenda,” “open borders,” “defund police,” “socialism,” “tax and spend” or “woke” this or that in order to block serious legislative action on infrastructure, immigration reform, gun violence, police reform, voting rights, women’s rights, fair taxation/wealth gap or climate change. Our constitutional legislative system depends on ideas, goodwill and dialogue between at least two principled political parties. This does not exist today because the Republican Party has allowed itself to be taken over by self-serving personalities — a party with little direction and lacking true principled leadership. This party requires rapid change if our legislative system is to function again as the founding fathers envisioned.

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake