Unemployment claims continue to decrease

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The number of unemployment claims decreased in Iowa last week despite recent coronavirus mitigation measures. It's a good sign for the state as it continues into a period when seasonal layoffs are normal.

Iowa Workforce Development reported a total of 5,593 initial unemployment claims were filed between Nov. 22-28. That's a decrease of 3,337 from the previous week's adjusted numbers.

Continuing weekly unemployment claims also decreased last week, to a total of 34,178. That's a decrease of 2,624 from the previous reporting period.

IWD said November through February are the months when the state normally sees the most unemployment claims due to seasonal layoffs in construction, agriculture, landscaping and manufacturing.

IWD also said nearly 53.2 percent of claimants indicated their unemployment claims were not related to COVID-19.


This week, Rita Hart, failed candidate for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District, has announced her intent to contest the election results, not here in Iowa, but straight to Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats.

The results of this race have been certified by Iowa's Executive Council 5-0, which includes two Democrats, Auditor Rob Sand and Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald. The state and all 24 county boards of supervisors certified the results after a recount was done in every single county of this congressional seat. Rita Hart had a representative on every single county recount board, and her campaign signed off on every single county result.

Now, Rita Hart hypocritically claims that the recount done by Iowans and her campaign was not sufficient. And, instead of pursuing the process outlined under Iowa law, with Iowa judges and the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, she is going directly to Nancy Pelosi for an unfair partisan vote to unseat the candidate chosen by Iowans.

Iowa House Republicans strongly disagree with Rita Hart's decision and believe this erodes trust in the integrity of our elections. The ability to vote and make one's voice heard is one of our most sacred rights. Iowans are equally supportive of efforts that reduce the risk of fraud and make our elections secure so their vote counts. Conversely, Iowa Democrats have consistently opposed election integrity measures and are now working to completely ignore the votes of 400,000 Iowans and let the election be decided by one San Francisco career politician.