Greenfield's decision to ignore rural Iowa tells us everything we need to know

Tuesday, September 1, 2020
State Rep. Megan Jones

In Iowa, we expect our politicians to show up. Meeting with Iowans is the highest priority for our political leaders.

Just look at Sens. Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley and our Gov. Kim Reynolds, who visit all 99 counties every year.

State Sen. Zach Whiting

So, it's disappointing to see Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield put her priorities ahead of meeting directly with Iowans. A week ago, Clay County was especially slighted when Greenfield blew off a debate in Spencer, hosted by the Spencer Daily Reporter.

As elected officials, we have participated in similar forums multiple times and can say from experience, these forums are not intended to advance any biased agenda. Their goal is to help Iowans get to know the candidates beyond the 30-second ads we see on television.

This week, Greenfield denied Iowans the opportunity to hear where she truly stands on the issues important to us. Every other candidate invited, Ernst, Randy Feenstra and JD Scholten, found the time to attend the forum. Greenfield, however, blamed her "busy schedule" for reason not to attend. If Ernst who has been busy touring storm damage and helping assist the communities affected by the derecho can always find time for rural Iowa, we would think Greenfield who holds about one event, often a virtual fundraiser, a week would be able to make it as well.

Greenfield claims to care about rural Iowa yet, it doesn't appear that she has ever set foot in rural areas like Clay County. Rural Iowans' voices matter, and we have serious questions about the impact of the proposals that she and her Democratic Party leaders are proposing.

Greenfield is beholden to the Democrats in Washington, D.C., spending millions to get her elected. These are the same Democrats who are pushing dangerous environmental policies that would decimate our agriculture economy while letting major polluters like China off the hook.

We need a relentless fighter for rural Iowa in the Senate. Greenfield's decision to ignore rural Iowa illustrates that she'll continue her pattern of empty rhetoric and dishonesty.

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