Letter to the Editor

Postal service support

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I am deeply concerned about what is happening in our country at this time. I do not understand why the president is not doing everything possible to help the post office, one of our oldest institutions. He has the power to provide money for extra workers and allowing overtime hours. This is an unprecedented time where out country is suffering from a deadly virus, yet all legal Americans deserve the right to vote! It is our constitutional right! I feel intentional- and politically-based roadblocks are being put up to prevent people from voting by mail. The president should be assuring all Americans that their vote will count, not the contrary.

I am sad that, instead of the post office being praised for their hard work in delivering mail in this extremely dangerous time, it is being threatened by privatization. I think the current head of the post office has a conflict of interest since he has business interests in competing private companies.

Every legal American citizen deserves the assurance that their vote will be counted and delivered on time. The president has the power to make this happen, but seemingly not the desire to do so. It is not reasonable to expect people to risk their lives by standing in line, especially when some people of authority still feel the virus is a hoax and will soon magically disappear.

I am proud of our local postal employees! I know they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the mail delivered on time. They take pride in their work and are not politically motivated.

Barbara Maas

Spirit Lake