Letter to the Editor

New trails around West Okoboji

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Photo submitted

Where is everyone in this coronavirus time? They are on the bike trails you can keep yourself 6 feet away from other people.

There are some new trails. One is along Highway 86 on the west side of West Okoboji. There is a new one by our home at the Landings. It follows 155th Street along Cutty's, Tree Tops and two homes. It then turns north on Percival Drive. There are new trails later along the north side of West Okoboji and past Iowa Methodist Campground. They go from 151st Street to 155th Street on the northeast side of West Okoboji.

I have been picking up litter along the .3 mile stretch along 155th Street and along 155th Street. I am asking you to stop throwing litter on the trails or driving by and throwing litter. It has helped me to lose a few pounds for my TOPS Club, and I also like riding the trail on my 3-wheel tricycle. I see walkers, bike riders, dog walkers, runners, and even a woman carrying her baby, another woman pushing a stroller, a family wheeling a wheelchair, plus children on their skate boards and scooters; however, after getting 15 pails or bags of litter I want to be done. Do not leave cigarette butts on the trail, beer bottles, fire crackers, pop and water bottles, candy wrappers, and misc. items. I even found a marshmallow. We ask you to ride, wave and smile.

A stick on the trails can cause a bike accident. The 155th Street trail is tree-lined, and the Dickinson County Trails Association will be putting up a stop station on 155th Street with a bench saying "In Honor of Stan Lemkuil Happy trails to you."

The bench will be between Furnam and Harbor Streets, west of Furnam Street in a grassy flat area where you can pull over, park your bike and sit and eat an apple or drink. From this location you will have a view of the Harbor. Erin Reed of the Dickinson County Trails at DCTrails@Co.Dickinson.IA.US visited the area on Wednesday and marked the spot. She said that several other benches will be placed along the trails in other locations and soon they will place them. If you want to donate and get a trail bench, contact Erin Reed now for the next order. Cutty's, Tree Tops and the homeowners have kept the trails edges mowed and Cutty's have removed trees and trimmed some trees to make the area more attractive. Come visit the area and enjoy the outdoors.

Stan rode the Sheriff Bike Patrol for 17 years. A new trail rider rides the trails now every day. The trail is fast and fun, and we hope to see you there, but I hope I am not picking up your litter.

There is a bike ride scheduled for Sept. 26 that has not been called off yet hope to see you on that ride. Some people add the Landings loop to their ride which is an area south of the trail that is a nice extra ride.

Sincerely yours,

Colleen M. Lemkuil

Spirit Lake