A story to help heal

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I have faith in humans and in Iowans in general because we tend to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity. This is called grit and in my mind and my 25 years of military service, grit can get you through so much in life. I chose to veer away from politics for my newsletter today, even though in less than a week the Legislature will be in full swing again, finishing up our business for the year.

Sometimes we need good in our lives and today is one of those. With the nasty things happening just a few hours away in Minneapolis and the COVID crisis, Iowa has had a lot of bad happen. Today though, I ran across a story about a young man with, what I call,"grit."

This young man is a real hero, in my eyes. He could have said many times: "It is too much I can't do this I am just a young guy," but he carried through and saved a man's life. Below you will find the story about Calvin Grosvenor a young man from the Okoboji area who fought through adversity and saved a mans life. I will let John Grosvenor tell the story in his own words from his Facebook site below because the way he tells the story is perfect. What a great story to help heal from the bad:


Today I received a call that started with words no parent wants to hear. "John Is Calvin your son? He's OK." The caller went on to say. "I just saw him save someone's life over by the old Inn on Okoboji."

From the beginning: 17-year-old Calvin Grosvenor was hanging out fishing on the docks at Okoboji Boats when he was approached by his dive instructor and owner of the local dive shop that a man needed a "buddy" to dive with today. The Dive shop owner strongly suggested to the man that he not dive alone even though he was an experienced diver. It's a good thing he didn't.

Calvin and the man went to a popular dive location where the old Inn at Okoboji used to stand. At more than 25-feet deep, the man started to convulse and sink to the bottom without his regulator in his mouth. He landed face first on the bottom and Calvin quickly swam to his aid. Calvin forced the regulator back into the mans mouth while purging it to force water out and air into his lungs. The entire time Calvin had to hold the man's jaw shut so the regulator would stay in his mouth. He then had to dump his weight belt, fill his own buoyancy control device, and get the man to the surface from nearly 30-feet down while purging the man's regulator several times on the way up. Calvin got him up, kept his head above water holding his mouth shut, swam nearly 100 yards to a dock: "Dad, I needed 3-hands"

Calvin got the man to the shore where some construction workers helped lift him onto the dock. There was no pulse and no breathing. Calvin then gave the man CPR until the ambulance arrived. There was a slight pulse and a little breathing when EMTs arrived. The man was taken to Lakes Regional Health Care then transported by helicopter to Sioux Falls.

I am amazed at the level-headed actions from my son.

Credit must be given to his dive instructor Jose Barba who taught him how to react in such a situation.

We heard late tonight the man should recover.

Calvin's 18th birthday is in 3-days. I suppose i should buy him a mask, fins and a regulator for his birthday.

Great job today Bud! Love you. So proud.

Thank you Calvin, for being there and for helping someone when they needed it the most. Inside of each of us is a Calvin and we need that person. I want to thank you for allowing me to serve you as your state representative and for taking the time to read this story about a true hero, right here in northwest Iowa.