It's time to return lost rights

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Letís not lose focus now. Over the last few months, we were told by officials that we needed to flatten the curve so as to not overwhelm the hospitals and to ensure there would be enough PPE, ventilators and other resources available because when the hospitals are overwhelmed, that is when massive death could happen. By flattening the curve, we were working to spread the number of cases of infected people over a longer period and thus ensure resources were available and lowering the number of deaths.

Well, we did that. We practiced social distancing, washed our hands more frequently, worked from home, and now some are wearing masks to protect others.

The goal was never to stop everyone from getting sick, but to flatten the curve. I hope that we remember that during the coming weeks.†Since we have started down this road, the goal for many has morphed into preventing everyone from getting sick. As sad as it is to say, that goal is not realistic or achievable.

We have absolutely achieved the goal of flattening the curve, and that is a great thing because we have limited deaths, eased stress and pressure on our hospitals, and we have learned about this disease so that we can more easily treat it in the future.

For whatever reason, though, many have pushed onto the next step in the virus treatment of stopping infections from occurring, which as I said before, is not an achievable goal. Some are pushing that narrative for political reasons, some really want to achieve that goal, and some just donít know it isnít possible to achieve that goal.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter stating all the rights that we have bargained away (temporarily) in order to achieve the goal of flattening the curve. I am a huge proponent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and so for me to admit those rights were bargained away, even temporarily, was a tough pill to swallow. I mentioned in that newsletter that, once we have achieved the goal, then we must demand those rights are returned.

Our governor and our president have done an awesome job in flattening the curve, which is exactly what the disease experts have told us we need to do. You all have done an excellent job playing your part to slow the spread, and I appreciate you and the sacrifices you have made.†We have had friends, loved ones and acquaintances affected by this disease, but it is time for us to begin returning our God-given rights and freedoms and returning our country to its glory.

We can do so in a way that is smart and reduces the risk to others, but it must be done. We can still protect those who are vulnerable to the effects of the disease while returning the rights and abilities of others to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As we move to re-opening our society, remember to be smart about it. If we do nothing then we fail, and our society changes forever in a way that is not good for us today or in the future.