Letter to the Editor

Our Okoboji School Board and Milford City Council

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Last Monday evening (March 16) I attended the Okoboji School Board meeting that was moved to the elementary gym due to the COVID-19 virus concerns. A lawyer spoke to the school board that we could not hear, and a copy from this lawyer's office addressed to the board secretary was distributed to all during the open forum. It contained objections and explanation of objections with regard to the sale of the Okoboji Middle School.

This has me very concerned for our school. And it is more concerning that questions from taxpayers are not answered. At the Dec. 9, 2019, school board meeting the questions presented to them on marketing/realtor selection process, timeliness of the market schedule and questions about NAI United were not and as of this date not answered according to this letter. This 5.5 page letter has much more in it. My copy is available for you or you can contact the district office per their minutes posted. My number is: 712-330-6725. District office number is: 338-4757.

Today I am reading comments from Brenda Martin of Milford about how unhappy she is with the verbiage from the city council member/s in reference to our school. I remember attending a Milford City Council meeting when there was concern with the parking at the elementary and members of the school board and the superintendent were there. The school had painted curbs and lines without talking to the city. The school was asked to address other issues to be in compliance with the city ordinances.

So, here I am thinking that these two boards need to get together and work out their differences, because there apparently are some. They are all working for the taxpayers of this school district. We as taxpayers need also to do our part. Letters, phone calls, attendance at the board meetings; these are all available to us taxpayers.

I realize that not everyone can do them all. Some board meetings are at 7 a.m. for the school and again at 5:30 p.m. on the same day. City meetings are in the evening and are usually on the same night as school board meetings. I remember one school board member suggesting at their regular meeting that they meet on a different night so that both boards could accommodate each other and was shot down on the idea.

Let's encourage all board members from the city and the school district to get together to iron out the differences and come together for all and I encourage all of us taxpayers to do our part as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Moritz