Letter to the Editor

Third time a charm or utter failure?

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Last week the serial anti-Trump letter writer postulated that this time they have the goods on President Trump to impeach him. The Democrats have wanted to remove Trump from office ever since he was elected. First it was the Russian puppet hoax. When they couldn't get the job done by themselves, they called for a special prosecutor to launch a two-year $40 million investigation staffed by Democratic attorneys and FBI investigators. The Mueller report and the TV hearings were a dud in terms of changing public perceptions.

We have a constitutional Democracy with equal branches of legislative, executive and judicial. Their roles are well defined in the Constitution. One flaw in Democratic thinking is that they believe Washington bureaucrats determine U.S. foreign policy. Republicans believe an elected President head of the executive branch is the one that determines our foreign policy. It is the role of the State Department and other federal government agencies to carry out the president's policy.

Now the Washington bureaucrats are ganging-up on President Trump for the third time. The Ukrainian quid pro quo (later called extortion and then a bribe) is that President Trump was withholding military aid and a Trump meeting until the Ukrainian President (Zelensky) made a public announcement stating that Ukraine was investigating Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption. Trump denied that any quid pro quo was offered. A Ukrainian announcement was never made, the Trump-Zelensky meeting happened and the military aid was released.

Why is Joe Biden involved? You must have seen the video. Joe is captured on a 2016 video tape bragging that he told the Ukrainian government to either fire the Ukrainian prosecutor (that was investigating his son Hunter) in the next six hours or Ukraine would not receive the $1 billion in United States foreign aid. Joe says on the tape "gosh darn don't you know they fired him?" Later, Hunter Biden was added to the Burisma gas company board to be compensated at $50K per month. It is no wonder many Washington politicians and their families become millionaires on a salary of less than $200K per year.

An interesting sidelight is that the Washington bureaucrats are screaming that the United States must give Ukraine effective military aid so they can defend themselves against the Russians. The Obama administration would only give the Ukrainians blankets and MREs. The Trump administration provided the Ukrainians Javelin anti-tank missiles that are a more effective military weapon.

Prediction In December, the House Democratic majority will vote to impeach President Donald Trump because of their extreme hatred of him. Problem: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said any impeachment vote would have to be bi-partisan. In January, the Senate will probably begin an impeachment trial. Fortunately, there will be a major difference from the House-style kangaroo court that did not have due process to the Senate style that will use due process no hearsay allegations allowed and the ability of the President to call witnesses that support him. The Senate trial would probably be in full swing in February when the caucuses and primaries begin holding six Democratic Senators running for President in Washington. President Trump will be acquitted after months are wasted pursing an impeachment that had insufficient grounds to convict. President Trump will be reelected in November 2020 because unemployment is at record lows and the stock market is at record highs.

Phil Petersen