Letter to the Editor

How far can Trump derangement syndrome be carried?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Last week the serial anti-Trump letter writer carried Trump derangement syndrome to new heights. The title of the Letter to the Editor was "Can an Immigrant Be a Loyal American?" I don't believe President Trump ever posed such a question. How can you pose a question of loyalty without defining the person in question? This shows the depths that the anti-Trump partisans will go to smear our President.

The letter goes on to state that "Trump and his allies" were making an immigrant attack on Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, a decorated, Purple Heart recipient. I don't believe President Trump or any of his allies ever made an immigrant attack against this military officer. I understand the problem is that the Democrats believe that any government employee – military or not — can publicly express their opinion about how the United States should conduct its foreign policy.

I believe the President of the United States is elected by the people every four years with one of the purposes being to determine our foreign policy. You may not like the man or his foreign policy, but he is our President. If you are a government employee and don't like the Presidents foreign policy, you can resign. As a voter you can vote him out of office at the next election (now less than a year away). Can you imagine the chaos that would result if multiple government employees were allowed to publicize their personal views as official government policy?

The Ukrainian impeachment investigation controversy began with an unnamed leaker (whistleblower) who did not have first-hand knowledge of what was said in this famous July 25th telephone call. (We have the transcript of the call for those who want to know what was said.) Now the Democrats are going to great lengths to protect the identity of the leaker. Why would that be? Is that because the leaker has close ties to Democratic Party political figures? Since when can serious allegations be considered without the accused being able to know his accuser and being able to ask questions? We are a country that embraces due process.

The Democrats have been trying to impeach President Trump and remove him from office ever since he was elected. You know the drill: Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, racial bias as a white supremacist, and now the Ukrainian quid pro quo. The soon-to-be released Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz report will shed new light about the deep state conspiracy trying to block President Trump at every turn. That will be followed by the United States Attorney for Connecticut John Durham’s investigation with even more revelations. If you haven’t heard of either of them it is because you have a slanted news source.

Phil Petersen