Letter to the Editor

Red Cross blood drive

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Spirit Lake, I commend you and congratulate you. Our blood drive on Aug. 19 was a huge success and we made our goal. This is twice in a row and I am so proud of all you people that gave to this worthy cause. Our goal was 37 and we had 37 total units! Pat yourselves on the back.

We had seven double reds (which accounts for 12 units) 25 whole blood and would have had about six more if our people didn't have to wait so long. We had six leave as they had waited beyond which was expected of them. I apologize for this. We had less staff here and more "hoops" to jump through which slowed the process. I am so sorry. We had many appointments and most of them came. We also had numerous people that didn't have appointments and for that we are grateful.

On behalf of the American Red Cross, I wish to express my deep appreciation and say "thank you" to every donor, volunteer and support person who participated in the Aug. 19 blood drive in Spirit Lake. A special thanks goes to Grace Lutheran Church for providing a wonderful place for this to happen.

Our blood banks are dangerously low and because we cannot manufacture blood, it is so important to do what we can to increase our supply.

We had gracious and willing volunteers and for that I am certainly grateful. A big thank you to Gloria Ditsworth, Judy Hagadorn, Leah Streeter, Carolyn Vincilli, Mary Lempiainen, Marion Morse and Grace Gerdes.

You all made a difference in someone's life and your generosity is most appreciated by those needing transfusions in trauma situations and for on-going treatment of chronic life-threatening illnesses.

Mark your calendar for Oct. 21, and let's make our total to 50. I know we can do it! I promise you won't have to wait so long. I will do all I can to prevent this.

Karen Dokken

Blood drive chairperson