Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My Congressional representative Steve King just attacked the foundation of the human family by casting incest in a positive light.

The incest taboo is universal — all cultures and people of all faiths observe it. Our very humanity is based in the stability of our family ties. I’ll spell it out. If daddy or uncle is sleeping with daughter … that destabilizes the family structure. The taboo insures that children can be raised in a safe and stable social environment instead of a dysfunctioning one. Young humans are dependent for decades. Their welfare relies on much more than conception. It relies on social ties that are stable from birth to maturity.

Representative King may have intended simply to dismiss the humanity of violated women and girls in favor of the immediate elevation of the interests of an embryo that is the product of an assailant's successful impregnation, but he unwittingly hit a much larger target. His pro-incest argument assaults us all, men, women, children … and the families we comprise.

Breaking the incest taboo potentially causes all kinds of harm … biological, psychological and social. Now, amazingly, we can add political harm to the list. To celebrate or promote the breaking of the incest taboo is more than just inhumane. It is fully anti-human, regardless of one's views on the subject of abortion. Contemporary American culture has gone quite far enough in the direction of social dysfunction. Let's start turning around by rejecting such depraved argumentation.

Dr. Karen A. Larson

Professor Emerita of Anthropology

Spirit Lake