Letter to the Editor

How Much Dirt Can They Dig Up?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Last week the serial anti-Trump letter writer tried to read President Trump's mind. It isn't necessary to read his mind because he tells you exactly what he is thinking. How refreshing to have a politician that tells you exactly what is on his mind.

The anti-Trump forces that includes the national news media (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NYT, WP, AP) are constantly trying to dig-up dirt on the president. For two years, we had to listen to news stories about a Russian conspiracy. Fortunately, the Mueller report has brought an end to the Russian conspiracy talk. High levels in the FBI were responsible for perpetuating the Russian conspiracy rumors. Soon, we will hear about new criminal indictments for those pushing that hoax.

The new tactic to damage Trump is an allegation that Trump is a racist. There is no evidence to support that allegation either, but it must be true since all of the national media are repeating the same words. It appears they receive their talking points from the National Democratic Party.

When a charge of racism isn't enough, Trump is called a white supremacist because he wants to enforce our immigration laws. Every President prior to President Obama has to some degree enforced our immigration laws. Now we see an "open borders" policy freely advocated by 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, in open defiance of U.S. immigration laws. Hard to make the case Trump is a white supremacist when black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest in 50 years.

Some of the anti-Trump crowd think the only way they can get rid of Trump is to talk the country into a recession. If they talk up a recession long enough and often enough, they might drive our country into a recession. It is hard to imagine that some would talk up a recession that could cause extensive damage to this country just to get rid of Trump. If they do drive this country into a recession, they will have a readymade answer socialism. It hasn't worked anywhere it has been tried. Check-out most recent examples of Cuba and Venezuela.

Phil Petersen