Letter to the Editor

Prairie Lakes Conference coverage

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kudos to Steve Weisman and the DCN for outstanding coverage of the Prairie Lakes Conference field day tour of the Wallace & Bowers Nature Area. Owing to the generosity of a couple families, many Lakes area contributors, ownership and management by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Wallace & Bowers provides a textbook example and material contribution to our Lakes area water and soil quality. A perfect balance of sound agriculture and conservation.

It was most interesting to hear W&B farm tenant Jake Johnson share his good stewardship farming practices that include no-till and cover crops. The Johnson family has farmed this land for three generations. While holding his energetic toddler in his arms, Jake commented that he is farming this ground for the future benefit of his son. The Johnson's represent proof positive that we can do the "right thing" for the land and still make a good return on investment all while protecting our natural resources for future generations.

Many thanks also to State Representative John Wills who organized the event and very well expressed his passion for agriculture and conservation. We can only hope that more of our legislators share Wills' enthusiasm for water and soil quality when they return to the state capitol.

Wills, NRCS, INHF, Dickinson County Cattlemen's Association (serving lunch) and many others made for a spectacular and educational day in the field.

Greg Grupp

INHF Board Member

Spirit Lake