Letter to the Editor

Dredging Lower Gar Lake

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

I am writing in regard to the life and preservation of Lower Gar Lake. This lake is the drain for all of the Iowa Great Lakes. The tubes placed at the south end have been helpful. I know some proposing another tube of some type to be placed to govern further drainage and adjust all-of the lakes' levels. This is in order to preserve the shorelines.

I'm sure my request is "a long reach." Lower Gar is in dire need of dredging. In drier years, the lake is approximately 5 feet deep with about 4-5 feet of silt. The 5-foot depth is in the center of the lake where all the boats travel, if they are not trying to water ski much too close to shore, thinking this lake is deeper than they actually know. This lake, as everyone knows, is infested with curly pond weeds, Zebra Mussels and more moss this year than ever. We do hear what the skiers say when they go down into the silt.

In 1968 we purchased this lot, the shoreline was out at least 12 feet. I guess we had no concerns at the time as there was very little development here in Woodlyn Acres. We, my husband and I were instrumental in the removal of the dam at the heard of Lower Gar joining Lake Minnewashta, and the fish trap there. This was not opened until days after walleye season started. We also managed to get a "county approved" road here on the west side of this lake. Later it was paved. This effort was started in April of 1969 and we had the road in November of that same year. We acquired mail service to our driveways, later sewer and water. Where the fish trap and dam were there is now a bridge over that opening, connecting a bike trail to all the area. There are 40 lots platted into Woodlyn Acres, this includes Woodlys Lakeshore Park. Now we have South Shore Estates, property owned across the street from Pelican Ridge.

We know in order to proceed with issues of dredging, the DNR in Des Moines needs to be alerted to this. The local DNR has no decision in this, as has been our experiences in the past. It would be our hope that the boat marinas could get behind this issue as well. Every year the boats are larger than last.

Thanking everyone for this kind attention to our letter.

Judy Halling

Woodlyn Acres, Lower Gar