Letter to the Editor

Time for change

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Call me "old fashioned'." I thought when people chose to run for elected offices, they did so in order to help their constituents help them to improve their lives, strengthen their communities, to strengthen rather than divide. Imagine my surprise and dismay, when Joni Ernst opened her re-election campaign with "The forces of the radical, socialist left are on the march across our state and our nation". "We must,...do our part to defeat them."

This, from the woman, who in 2014, was going Washington to castrate budgets. This from the woman who has voted with Mitch McConnell 97% of the time in 2019.

We do not need dividers in Congress. We do not need those who accept millions from special interest groups. We do not need those who vote their party line regardless of how it affects the people who elected them.

Joni Ernst, supporter of Trump's outrageous tariffs, of unacceptable acts against children, of Trump's tax gifts to the rich, of bailouts to big farm corporations, is not the person who represents me. She talks about maintaining small town values, yet her actions indicate something different.

Virginia Kelly

Spirit Lake