Letter to the Editor

School board in Milford votes to force 80-year-old couple out of their home of 55 years

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

School minutes from May 13, 2019: "Hanson/Johnson moved to approve resolution approving project and authorizing consideration of acquisition of real estate and potential use of power of eminent domain at 1602 Sixth St., Milford and 803 H Ave., Milford. A vote was taken as follows: Yes votes Droegmiller, Johnson, Hansen. Absent Weaver, Dodge. Motion carried."

School board members are Juli Johnson, Brad Droegmiller, Scott Dodge, Bob Hansen, Jay Weaver. School Superintendent is Todd Abrahamson.

School board members have stated that they want these homes for parking spaces. A new middle school is being built to the west of the high school.

These homes are on the east side of the high school. The H Avenue home is owned by Don and Judy Brinkley. The Sixth Street home is owned by Neal Anderson and Sue Mason.

Is there a parking problem? Yes. Caused by past decisions of the Milford School Board and the city of Milford not enforcing their own ordinances and regulations. Not caused by the Don and Judy Brinkley family or the Neal Anderson and Sue Mason family.

My opinion? The Milford School Board (Juli Johnson, Brad Droegmiller, Scott Dodge, Bob Hansen, Jay Weaver) is teaching the Milford students your children and grandchildren a valuable lesson about community and civics. If someone in the school board wants, just force them out.

Community school? Bah! Milford a good place to live? You probably don't want to live near the schools.

What community would allow elderly people on fixed incomes to be forced from their homes? For parking? Don and Judy have worked hard all of their lives in their home. A home they have remodeled, added on to, planted trees around, carefully maintained and taken pride in.

And yes legally it is the Okoboji School but this is the city of Milford, not Okoboji that is allowing this to happen and this is happening in. Pioneer Pride? Phoeey!

Neal Anderson