Letter to the Editor

Tell the Whole Truth

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Last week the serial anti-Trump letter writer thought President Trump received a poor reception in London. The American press did report it negatively, however the United Kingdom press had a very positive report. This is further proof the American national media knows only one way to report the news about President Trump – negative.

The American news media is based in New York City that has a very liberal viewpoint. The vast majority of the journalists are educated at East Coast liberal colleges. These elite journalists need to visit what they call "flyover country" to learn how to report the truth.

There is more than one way to report the news. If President Trump is involved, the liberal journalist keeps searching for an angle they can use to make President Trump look bad, and they fail to report the positive reasons for his actions. Here are some examples:


China Tariff Dispute – Most news stories highlight how President Trump’s tariff on Chinese goods will hurt American business – particularly farmers. What is omitted is that the reason President Trump placed tariffs on Chinese good is that we have a $500 BILLION trade imbalance with China. Decades of American presidents have not had the courage to deal with the unfair trade tactics used by China. Why is China blocking the imports of American soybeans – because American farmers are a big source of Trump's support. The Chinese picked the wrong group to bully.


Mexico Tariffs — Mexico has promised many times to stop the flow of millions of immigrants from Central America through their country. Many promises, but no action. Democrats in Congress are unwilling to lift a finger to help control illegal crossings, because it would make Trump look effective. So President Trump announces that within a week we will begin collecting a 5 percent import tariff on Mexican products. The next day, senior Mexican officials are on an airplane to Washington. Within a few days, hollow promises turn in to written comments.


Illegal Immigration — The liberal media highlights how difficult life is in Central America. It is true they have a tough life, but so do another 5 billion people in the world. We do not have the facilities or the financial resources to support the world's poor. No mention is made in the news stories about the cost of our providing the food, housing, healthcare and educations to the millions of illegal immigrants already here.


For people who don't like President Trump — is it because of his personality or his policies? He does have a no nonsense way of talking. His policies are very pro-American – reduced tax burden, less government regulation, and strong borders. The alternative of higher taxes, more government control, and open borders is not a good solution.

The liberal rallying cry is "make the rich pay for it." The problem is you will soon run out "rich" and the cost of government giveaways will be on your back. Take a hard look at how socialism is working out in Venezuela.


Phil Petersen