Letter to the Editor

Focus on important issues

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

In a "Letter to the Editor" last week, the writer worried about who President Trump has selected for his cabinet. Rather than worrying about personal changes in the administration, I believe we should focus on the president's results. Our economy is doing better than it has for decades. High employment numbers and the stock market have reached record highs. The United States is now the world's number one fossil fuel producer.

Just think how much better the country could be if the Democrats would stop being the party of "resist."

There are some real serious issues that need the public’s attention:

1. How can we have open borders and give away free college education and free medical care and then not be flooded by more immigrants than we have now?

2. Should we allow convicted felons in prison to vote? Should they be allowed to elect the warden?

3. How are we going to eliminate fossil fuel in 12 years and still heat our homes?

4. Who will pay for tearing down existing buildings to rebuild them to be more energy efficient?

5. Where would the Democrats find the money to pay off everyone's college debt and then give away free college educations for future students? Students who have paid off their college debts are going to wonder who is going to compensate them.

You might recall when President Obama said during the 2016 campaign "those manufacturing jobs are not coming back — what does he (Trump) have – a magic wand?" It turns out Trump did have a magic wand it is called "federal income tax reduction and reduced federal government regulation."

The top one percent of the population already pays 70% of the nation's income tax. Should we tax them some more? Socialism is a great system until you run out of other people's money.

Socialism has been tried in many countries and has failed in the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and — most recently — Venezuela. Why would anyone think it will produce better results in the United States?

President Donald J. Trump is one of the few presidents that was not a politician or a military commander. I like a President who speaks his mind. You are not in doubt as to what he is thinking.

Phil Petersen,