Letter to the Editor

Another Trump promise in jeopardy

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

During President Trump's campaign for the presidency, he made promises. His promise that Mexico would pay for a border wall was probably one of the most significant promises. His inability to accomplish this has just caused a 35 day shutdown of our government and very visible agony for 800,000 federal employees. He ended the shutdown by caving to the exact offer he received 35 days ago. He now threatens to shut down the government again on Feb. 15 if he does not get U.S. taxpayers to pay for the wall. He has had little success against Nancy Pelosi in the past. He said her idea on delaying the State of the Union message had merit, so maybe he will have to say it again.

Speaking of promises, he said that during his years as president he would eliminate the Federal deficit which at the time stood at $19.7 trillion. During fiscal 2017, it rose $666 billion. In 2018, the deflect increased by $779 billion, and current projections call for an additional deficit of $1 trillion in 2019. A growing U.S. economy usually results in increased revenue. However, revenues will fall due to the Trump tax cut, which largely benefits corporations and the ultra-rich. As well, the administrations increased spending will continue to add to the imbalance.

Oh yes, in his oath of office he promised to defend us against our enemies. NATO, a key element in our defense against Russian aggression, has become a target for Trump, saying he is considering withdrawal which would draw wild cheers from Vladimir Putin.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake