Letter to the Editor

Climate Change: Is Life Coming to an End?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In a Letter to the Editor earlier this month, the writer forecasted an end to human life based on global climate change. As might be expected there is no exact timetable. No exact cause is given, but it must be the humans. It used to be called global warming, but when the planet didn't heat up fast enough the phenomenon was renamed "global climate change," so any change in the climate will provide proof we are in eminent danger.

Many articles are written warning of global climate change, but few writers offer a solution. What is the purpose of these alarming articles if there is no solution? Maybe this is your notice to begin partying and spend all your money since you will have no future use for it.

Renewable energy has a great sound to it, but each has its own flaw. Solar cells don't generate electricity when the sun doesn't shine. Wind power is useless when the wind doesn't blow. If we only had a way to store huge amounts of electricity until it is needed, but there is no viable electric storage technology on the horizon. Even if the United States could cut our CO2 emissions to zero the CO2 emissions from India and China would be more than global warmists predict will be needed to cook the planet.

One Congresswomen has said we must eliminate the use of all fossil fuel within 12 years. Did you plan on purchasing an electric car in the near future? How will we generate enough electricity to power all of these electric cars, heat all of our homes, and power everything else that will need electricity? The only hope is natural gas (a fossil fuel). Are you ready for nuclear powered airplanes?

Rather than providing us scary predictions for the end of life we would be better served if more practical solutions were brought forward. Frankly, based on our recent low temperatures I would prefer the global warming to begin a little sooner.

Phil Petersen