Letter to the Editor

A climate tipping point

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

If something is not done soon there will be no human life on this planet. According to Stephen Hawking, world famous scientist, we are at a "tipping point" with climate change. Meaning if we go beyond this point, we will not return. Hawking also said there will no longer be human life on this planet in about 100 years due to overpopulation and climate change, if nuclear war doesn't take care of the population first. Berkley Bedell, former U.S. congressman from Iowa, fears for the future of his great-grandchildren. He witnessed the melting of the polar glaciers. They are melting rapidly and emitting methane gas, which is 30 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.

Scientists consider 350 parts per million a safe concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. As of Jan. 28, scientists have measured it at 411.60 ppm. A year ago on the same date, it was 408.26. It's on the rise due to burning of fossil fuels. You can look up daily measurements at www.co2.earth to find out how much it is rising.

People do not want to give up acquired or earned things until it's too late, and it may be already too late.

An article in USA Today tells of buyers of pickup trucks. Pickups are big sellers and buyers don't care about gas mileage. More than half of the houses in the city of Okoboji are not occupied in the winter months. That's about 500 vacant houses. How many of them have gas and electricity shut off? What is the carbon footprint of that?

There will be no massive hurricanes or wild fires. No rise to the water levels and no extensive rains. No warming of ocean waters and of the planet. There will be no human life.

Hank Miguel