Letter to the Editor

To write…or not?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

For the past 16 years, while serving as a Dickinson County Supervisor, I have read countless numbers of Letters to the Editor.

During all that time, I made a personal decision to never write a similar letter.

Times have changed. I am no longer a county supervisor. Any letters I write for publication now will reflect my own personal thoughts and will not reflect those of a county office.

After more than 50 years as a loyal, dedicated Republican, I find myself questioning the validity of my political affiliation. The national turmoil surrounding our divisive national politics and the legitimacy and actions of our nation's leaders has created a catalyst for many to question the consequences for our future generations.

Too many of my friends have privately shared with me their unspoken concerns of the serious constitutional repercussions looming on our national horizon. A feeling of futility prevails as every daily news cycles reveals new allegations. What once were reprehensible and intolerable actions are now dismissed as being insignificant.

The national news networks were the spark plugs firing up the public opinion engines fanning the flames of political ambivalence. The flames are growing hotter.

So many unknowns: Who can we believe? Who can we trust? Who should we support, and what corrective actions need to be taken ?

Today, the prevailing rationale of doing nothing is pervasive and reflects the unspoken belief, "I am only just one vote. My vote will have no problem-solving result."

Consider this, a single vote is like a small grain of sand being dropped into a very large body of water. A ripple results. It merges with other ripples and participates to create a significant action wave.

Hopefully, this letter will inspire others to write and share their thoughts.

Paul C. Johnson,