Letter to the Editor


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I just gave Rashida Tlaib (freshman congresswoman from Michigan) a piece of my mind. In my world, strong criticism is fine. I give it, and I'll take it when it's due me and people are kind enough to provide it. Strong criticism should be tolerated and dealt with.

But to refer to anyone as a "motherf…" as she chose to do in connection with the potential impeachment of the president is quite simply verbal abuse … no matter how objectionable his actions. I have also reacted strongly against members of my party (which happens not to be the same one as the president's) who have proposed to use ridicule instead of reasoned arguments when opposing Donald Trump’s actions as president.

There is a crisis of civility in this country, and unfortunately Congresswoman Tlaib just indulged herself in heaping fuel on the fire and fanning the flames. This is not about President Trump. It's about her and includes the backlash she will now have brought down on members of her own party.

There's plenty to say about President Trump's performance that is properly critical. I have difficulty finding sympathy for those who are intolerant of him being criticized. Every president in American history has been and should have been criticized. Every president in the American future will be. It's called democracy.

Dr. Karen A. Larson

Spirit Lake