Letter to the Editor

Derangement or Reality?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

In a recent Dickinson County News Letter to the Editor titled "He Holds the World Record" the writer continues his suffering with "Trump Derangement Syndrome." It is hard to tell if his suffering is because the writer doesn't agree with Trump's political philosophy or he doesn’t know the facts.

The first charge is international leaders do not know what positions President Trump is taking. If anything, President Trump is blunt. It is hard to believe international leaders do not know Trump's position. It is more likely they fully understand Trump's position – unfortunately for them it is not the easy path to which they have become accustomed. Trump's position is more likely to be "America first" – Trump is not a globalist. I like the "America first" approach – it is refreshing. The world stage is not a popularity contest.

The second item is that the NATO allies do not find the change from "status quo" very comfortable. As we know, NATO allies were to contribute 2 percent of their national GDP to NATO. Twenty-three out of the 28 counties were falling short. The many countries that were skimping on their NATO support have begun to contribute more since President Trump began asking them to pay up.

The third item is that some world leaders have received harsh remarks from President Trump. Did it occur to the writer that maybe they deserved the remarks? Sometimes the truth hurts. Some world leaders may not like the tough love treatment from President Trump, but they now have a new respect for the Unites States. Have you noticed at the G20 Summit in Argentina world leaders were jockeying for position to stand next to President Trump? They must see some value in being close to Trump.

The fourth item is President Trump's position on fair trade or, as his detractors call it, "trade wars." One must really be out of touch not to know that almost every country in the world has taken trade advantage of the United States. Over recent decades, the United States has lost huge numbers of manufacturing jobs. In addition, we have steadily rising negative trade balance. Prior presidents didn't know what to do with the negative trade imbalance, so they did nothing. If our negative trade imbalance continues to grow, it will not have a happy ending for the United States.

It remains to be seen how well the Democrats will do when they control the House of Representatives. Will we be treated to gridlock with endless investigations that accomplish nothing? There is another election just two years away.

Phil Petersen