Letter to the Editor

'I love the Poorly Educated,' says President Donald Trump

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I am responding to a recent Letter To The Editor titled "Brett Kavanaugh is a Winner." The writer stated that the "letter signed by 1,000 law professors from the elite colleges" which asked Congress to reject Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment meant little. His reasoning, because "most colleges these days are dominated by liberal thoughts. It is very hard to find a conservative professor anywhere on campus."

Reading that, we might ask ourselves – why the lack of conservative professors in our elite colleges? Why would so few support conservative issues? Is being highly educated in direct correlation to professors choosing more sensible and reasonable paths? Are people who lack higher education more likely to find the lure of the conservative right appealing, or are they more easily lead?

In a speech to supporters in Las Vegas, Trump solidified his base when he stated, "I love the poorly educated." Does Donald Trump relate more closely to the poorly educated, whom he sees as lacking the ability to challenge him with research and facts?

Education, and especially higher education, is a top priority in America, and should be available to all … and without the burden of huge debt. Of course, we are aware of the Trump administration's concerns, or rather lack of, regarding this issue. For a president to "love" the fact that we have poorly educated Americans is ludicrous! Whether the interpretation is education that was of poor quality, or the lack of higher education — neither is a source of pride or "love" in America.

Who among us is not aware that bringing education to third-world countries is a stepping stone to independence, jobs, family planning, health and responsibility? Education is key for the future of America and the world.

The author of the "Winner" letter and Mr. Trump have pointed out that the more educated an individual is, the more likely they will be to embrace a liberal agenda — that they will lean left, defend individual rights, honor freedom of speech, address climate change and more. Therefore, it appears that these men have, in some confusing and tongue-in-cheek way, insulted conservative supporters.

Whatever an individual's level of education, she or he can be a knowledgeable, informed voter. So, at this critical time in our history, who do you think should lead our country?

Nancy Rees

Spirit Lake