Letter to the Editor

Trump is toxic to our country

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Im so tired of hearing how bad Dems or Reps are. We've always had people passionate and vocal about their beliefs, and some that also got out of hand, on both sides. However, since Trump took office (actually when he became a candidate), people have become irrational and unyielding in their beliefs and defenses and more violent verbally and physically on both sides.

Trump has normalize such behaviors because that is what he does. He advocates and praises violence toward others. That is the kind of person he is. He demands loyalty and respect, yet gives none in return. It's all on tape folks.

Tonight, during a speech dealing with the explosive devices being delivered to Clinton, Obama and others, Trump calls on the media to stop negative attacks, false statements and so forth. Seriously? He is the one who boasts he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and get away with it. He is the one who made fun of a handicapped person. He is the one who brags about grabbing women's private parts. He is the one calling other people very personal, condescending names. He is the one making racist remarks and name-calling.

We need to work together. Not to be torn apart verifiable lies, irrational thinking, disturbing personal attacks and patriotism that becomes nationalism and exclusionary qualities that Trump possesses. I ask people to think about this: What were you before Trump, and what are you now? Trump started the downward spiral for both sides. America is great, and hopefully we can show that greatness to the world when both sides can get a grip and toss that toxic waste aside.

Mike Getz

Goodyear, Arizona