Letter to the Editor

Supreme Court confirmation

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Listening to what Mrs. Ford said, "she only thought Mr. Kavanaugh was going to rape her," but that a rape didn't actually occur; the crime was not committed. Is that all it takes in this country to crucify someone now is to "think" they're going to do something? Especially 30 years later? She also mentioned during her testimony that at this party people on a stairway were having a conversation. When asked what they were talking about, she changed her story and said she didnít actually hear anyone talking but was only presuming that someone was. She made that part up, which is a lie, and that, to me, really throws a lot of doubt on the validity of any of her statements.

As I understand it, in a court of law, if there is no proof, no documented evidence, the crime didnít take place. There was no police report filed 30 years ago, or at any other time. No arrests were made. Everyone I know, if abused or mistreated, confides in someone about what happened. Why didnít she? I heard no one come forth to validate her story; the F.B.I., after investigating the alleged incident, didn't find any evidence that Mr. Kavanaugh committed any crime. And now I heard on the news that after he was sworn in, the Democratic Party wants to try to impeach him. Was she so traumatized she had to wait 30 years before telling anyone about this horrible incident? I find that very hard to believe.

Dan Miller

Spirit Lake