Letter to the Editor

The lady who concerns me most

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Her name is Justice. She cannot see. She carries a sword and a balance. She, and no partisan interest, is the arbiter of the law.

My advice in running for the Iowa House has been to avoid discussing national issues. Some issues are both national and local though, and I make my own decisions.

You've seen my concern about how the overall No. 1-ranked state of Iowa has a gender pay equity ranking of 40th. That's a real local economic issue. So is much else having to do with a lesser valuing of women in relation to men.

The highly unfortunate situation in which the nation has found itself relating to the recent Supreme Court nomination isn't just an excruciating case study of how politically polarized we have become on both sides or how we struggle with gender. It's also a matter of how we treat the lady.

Pre-judging, which has been rampant, and not placing contrasting evidence fairly and squarely in the lady's balance works against us all not just the "parties" to the case. This is especially true when the question at her hand to be decided divided by her sword in one direction or another is the elevation of a person to embody the lady herself to become a JUSTICE.

Dr. Karen A. Larson

Candidate for the Iowa House District #1