Letter to the Editor

Looking For Evil

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

In a recent letter to the editor titled “How Bad Must It Get?” the writer criticizes the President for a myriad of faults — one recent, while the rest are a rehash of old news. This "Trump Derangement Syndrome" begins with an investigation by the former New York Attorney General. Eric Schneiderman has had a long time feud with Donald J. Trump. Unfortunately, Mr. Schneiderman could not stay in office long enough to file his lawsuit based on these hard feelings. The lawsuit had to be filed by his replacement. The acting NYAG's recent statement that battling the White House is "the most important work (she) have ever done" shows that such political attacks will continue unabated.

If President Trump is as bad and evil as his distractors say he is, he should have been in prison long ago. There are so many Democrats and reporters pursuing President Trump, that if he was guilty of anything, we would have heard about it long ago. For more than a year, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been hard at his investigations — with his staff of Hillary contributors — and they have found no Russian collusion. Their focus seems to be on finding a lower level Trump associate that will "sing" to receive a lesser sentence.

Readers of the Constitution know that the only way to remove a President from office is through the impeachment process. Obtaining an indictment from the House is not easy task. There are Democrats who would impeach President Trump, if they could find enough support. Obtaining an indictment from the House is only the beginning — as the Republicans found out in 1998 with President Bill Clinton. After an indictment, you must have a conviction by two-thirds of the Senate. As we all know, the Senate would not convict Bill Clinton — and he was guilty of perjury. It appears President Trump will be our president for two more years.

Increasing numbers of Democratic Party leaders are calling for higher income taxes, abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE), no immigration arrests within 100 miles of the border and support for sanctuary cities. Those positions don't seem to be the ones that will win over the independent voter.

It must be depressing to Democrats to have the American public feel better about the direction the country is headed under President Trump, than they did than when Barack Obama was President.

Phil Petersen