Johnson announces re-election bid

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dickinson County Supervisor Paul Johnson will ask the voters to continue a privilege he's had for the past 15 years. The county official announced plans to run for another four-year term.

"I have diligently worked to the best of my ability to keep the promises I made at the start of each election process," he said. "Back in 2002, when I made that fateful decision to run for this office, I could not predict what a life-changing decision this would prove to be."

The incumbent hopes to continue a pledge he made early on, when he drew on his past management and engineering training to get a bond issue passed and a new courthouse built.

"I will use my chemistry education to focus on solutions to our environmental threats," he also said. "My campaign promise back then has been repeated and renewed many times: 'Elect me, and I will be your environmental watchdog.' That same pledge holds true today. Over the subsequent years, I have been the only county supervisor having a technical chemistry/engineering background."

Johnson hopes his background experience and education has proven valuable when solving the many complex problems confronting the board of supervisors. He listed some highlights from his background:

He served his country in the military working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

He is the inventor/holder of 13 U.S. new product patents.

He's a certified underwater ocean diver working with Jean Michel Cousteau.

Johnson wrote "The Scientific Angler" book rated in in the top 10 best fishing books.

He worked with Dr. Wernher von Braun on new rocket technology.

He made numerous personal appearances on national TV.

Johnson is an active card carrying member of the Outdoor Writers Association.

The candidate worked 33 years at Berkley in their top management team.

"In 2003, there was a desperate need for a new courthouse," he said. "My creative problem-solving ability as an engineer was put to a major test. A totally different approach was created. The voters listened, liked what they heard, and the bond issue was approved by a 67 percent super majority. For the next four years as new construction progressed, I was at the job site every day inspecting and ensuring that quality materials and quality construction was used. The courthouse was built a half-million dollars under budget without dropping needed features or substituting cheaper materials."

Johnson said he has seen many changes over the past 15 years while serving as a county supervisor.

"Four years ago, voting districts were again re-drawn," he said. "I had the good fortune of adding the Lake Park area to my district. The city of Lake Park, the people and Silver Lake itself are rare treasures. I often tell my friends Lake Park is a diamond and the best-kept secret in Iowa. I combined what I learned as a long-standing member of the Okoboji Protective Association and have attended 43 monthly meetings with my new friends in the Silver Lake Park Improvement Association. Much needed Lake Park housing upgrades have been accomplished, thanks to my persuading my fellow supervisors to transfer needed funding.

Johnson said Lake Park has an exciting future.

"I share all of this so that you, the county voters, will better understand who I am, my training, my past experiences and how seriously I work and keep my promises," he said. "If you decide to vote for me again for re-election, you can rest assured I will continue to work to the best of my ability for you."

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