Letter to the Editor

Who created the 'wrongs?'

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Robert Sneitzer on Jan. 31 authored a letter to the editor titled “The Darkest Places in Hell." It hits several themes beginning "… there is no greater sin than inaction." He follows that with "Currently in our country there are many 'wrongs'…" Although he does not mention President Trump by name, it is the same litany of complaints I hear from those infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. I look for good and I can find it.

Mr. Sneitzer looks for evil and finds it claiming our county has many "wrongs" like:

• "White supremacy" — have you seen or heard about the Ku Klux Klan recently?

• "Discriminatory immigration polices" – is enforcing existing laws discrimination?

• "Tax laws that benefit the wealthy" — lowering taxes and $1,000 bonuses is more than crumbs.

• "Many uninsured people" – I thought the Affordable Health Care Act was to fix that?

• "Bad foreign policy" – Asking foreign governments to pay their fair share is a good thing.

• "Building a wall" – it worked for the Chinese, East Germany and Israel.

• "Illegal dreamers" – our citizens should be more important than those who came here illegally.

In the closing paragraph Sneitzer states, "As bad as the inaction is, there are some who object to the people who are calling for action to correct these wrongs." He closes with "Maybe there is still room in hell for a few more." Who do you imagine created these wrongs? One thought could be during the eight years Barak Obama was president, why didn’t he right these wrongs? How could President Trump create all of these wrongs or fix them in only a year?

President Trump’s detractors love to cite his low favorability ratings. What is amazing is how Trump could have any favorability rating at all considering that 90 percent of the news coverage provided by the national news media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, WP and NYT) is negative.

Phil Petersen,