Letter to the Editor

Shame on you, Mr. King

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dear Editor,

Today on CNN, Steve King was reported to have said that former President Barack Obama is partly responsible for the severe bipartisanship we are experiencing today. Shame on Mr. King.

Apparently he has failed to remember that, on the night President Obama took the oath of office for his first term, Republicans held a meeting in which they pledged to do everything they could to discredit Obama and keep him from bringing forth any of his campaign promises. Based on what happened during Obamaís eight years as President, I think Republicans did indeed try to fulfill that pledge.

Fast forward to the Trump campaign this last year where anger, violence and hatred of others was most apparent. Mr. King has once again attempted to lay false claims of blame in areas where they donít exist, all to make himself and his party look grand. I say it again. Shame on you, Mr. King.

Virginia Kelly

Spirit Lake