Letter to the Editor

2013 South Dickinson Community Fund Report

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The South Dickinson Community Fund board of directors would like to express their thanks to the residents of South Dickinson County who made it possible for the board to distribute $11,750 to the following agencies as designated by the contributors: Red Cross $1,000, Salvation Army $850, Iowa Arthritis Foundation $300, Children's Family Services of Iowa $150, Florence Crittenton Center $150, Multiple Sclerosis Society $150, Voluntary Action Center $500, C.A.A.S.A. Centers Against Abuse & Sexual Assault $1,000, Plus Inc. $1,600, YMCA $100, Cherish Center $525, Time Out Nursery $500, Kinship $350, Discovery House $1,200, Upper Des Moines Opportunities $1,500, Humane Society $550, Habitat for Humanity $450, Cancer $25, Lifeline $300, Girl Scouts $25, Boy Scouts $25, and Local Emergency Fund $500.

The generosity of the South Dickinson County contributors is greatly appreciated by all the non-profit organizations listed above. Contributions may still be made at the United Community Bank in Milford.