Letter to the Editor

Good Neighbor support

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ECHO PLUS would like to thank the generosity of the Good Neighbor Fund for their continued support of our mission and our programs. The Good Neighbor Fund has been very generous to ECHO PLUS again this year, with a donation of $15,360.81, which will be used to update some of our technology.

In a world where technology is becoming a vital component in order to do business, it is essential that ECHO PLUS continues to update its technology in order to remain a viable organization serving individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

ECHO PLUS's primary revenue comes from Medicaid and county mental health funds, which do not cover the full cost of services. Therefore, organizations like ours depend on the support of the community and organizations such as the Good Neighbor Fund in order to cover expenses that are not covered through our regular funders.

Amanda Brewer

ECHO PLUS executive director