Letter to the Editor

Thank You!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spirit Lake letter carriers collected 2,500 pounds of food and $65 from customers along postal routes Saturday, May 11, and delivered it to our Upper Des Moines food pantry for the needy in Dickinson County. This amount of food will help feed families for several months. The food was delivered on Monday and this was the lowest amount of food I've seen at the pantry in seven years. They are now in much better shape for the coming months thanks to you, "our community."

The 2013 National Association of Letter Carriers National Food Drive was a huge success, providing help for many hungry men, women, and children.

The response from the public was "truly amazing," and it shows that both letter carriers and their postal customers care deeply about those who are less fortunate.

I salute the media for their outstanding coverage of our food drive -- you make the big difference. Many businesses and sponsors helped out in promoting the drive and I thank you. There simply are not words to adequately describe how grateful and delighted we are with the results of this extraordinary community effort.

I would like to thank all members of the post office and volunteers for their great work on the food drive. Thanks to the residents that dropped food at the post office -- they made the city carriers job much easier on this day. A special thank you to the rural carriers who gave up their day off to the food drive and the postal clerks sincere dedication of collecting food along the routes.

Have a great, safe summer, everyone. Again a big "thank you" to all, especially the givers of all the food.

Semper Fi!


Ken Henderson, Pres.

NALC Branch 3463

Spirit Lake