Letter to the Editor

Dickinson County residents and taxpayers

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have been talking about the need for government to change the way it does business for quite some time. At the Dickinson County budget meetings, I have put together cost savings ideas, talked about the LEAN process and expressed the need for Dickinson County to reduce expenses and streamline processes.

On June 30, 2012, the Dickinson County Recorder retired. Because of the timing of the Recorder's resignation, the Iowa Code establishes that the Dickinson County Auditor take over the duties of the Recorder's office until the General Election. So right now the County Auditor is responsible for all duties of both offices. Iowa Code 331.323 also provides counties the opportunity to combine offices via a petition of eligible electors requesting the combining offices question on the ballot in a general election. That is why you are hearing from me now. I have decided that I cannot talk the talk without walking the walk, so I am putting forth a non-partisan petition asking to put the question of combining the duties of the recorder's office with the duties of the auditor's office and to abolish the position of the recorder on the Nov. 6 ballot. Woodbury and Marshall Counties have already combined those offices with great success. There must be a minimum of 1,508 eligible elector's signatures on the petition before Aug. 24 in order to get the question on the ballot.

I am doing this because I know it will save money, it lends to more efficient processes and I sincerely believe the public should have this choice. That being said, I would also encourage anyone that wants to run for the recorder's position to go through the correct process and run. If the question gets on the ballot and passes, then the Auditor remains in charge. If it does not pass, the person getting the most votes becomes Recorder.

The Dickinson Co. Taxpayers Association's Board of Directors voted Thursday to support the petition but that alone won't be enough to get all of the signatures needed by Aug. 24. Below, I have an email address and my phone number if you would like to help. I will speak with any group that wants more information and plan to be out in the public getting signatures.

Want to help?

Email your name and number to recorderspetition@yahoo.com

Call my number 712-332-2066, leave your name and number


Mardi J. Allen