Letter to the Editor

Betrayal to Iowa Sportsman

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well the National Resource Commission (NRC) has betrayed Iowa hunters again. The Iowa Legislation debated the lead shot versus steel shot and the effect it has on the environment and wildlife. Overwhelmingly, it was concluded there is NO, let me repeat that, NO sound scientific evidence that lead shot, used by hunters, effects the environment or wildlife.

Furthermore, Governor Branstad informed the public and the NRC that there is no reason to band lead shot or lead fishing lures; when he took the proposed (four) public areas off the table from the NRC's misguided, politically, and emotionally driven desire to effectively eliminate hunting and fishing in Iowa. Well, the poor rule setting, anti-hunting-board (NRC) has done it again to the Iowa hunter and ignored the Iowa Legislation and included [in the new dove law] the rule to mandate the use of non-toxic shot.

Some may say, so what?

Well, take away the fact there is NO scientific reason to use steel, take away the fact they totally ignored the Iowa Legislators; the new rule is a betrayal to the Iowa Sportsmen and it effectively puts another useless rule in place that is going to limit and decrease the amount of hunters in Iowa. A box of lead shot [number eight shot] is around $5, but a box of non-toxic shot is pushing $10 - $20! Now take a family of four hunting, and each family member shooting three boxes, you took a family event from $60 to $240! Put that on top of the license fee, gas and other costs in general, and we wonder (in part) why hunting is declining.

Furthermore, 95 percent of dove hunting will take place on private property so one can only conclude the goal of the NRC is to eliminate hunting, private land rights and all lead in Iowa -- fisherman beware, you're next! It is time for a change. It is time for us to make our voices heard. It is time to demand the governor to appoint people who hunt and are for Iowa Sportsman to the NRC board. It is time for the politically driven, anti-hunting, misguided, misinformed, NRC members to resign. Please call our governor and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Director Roger Lande as well as the NRC Chairman Greg Drees today! Be heard, be involved!